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Oh, The Things That We’ve Done (evil laugh)

When we were in middle school, we hadn’t yet discovered the thrills and joys of pub quiz and other fun events that Beijing had to offer. So instead, we entertained ourselves through other creative ways. Most of the entertainment that we … Continue reading

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Funny Pictures

As much as I like looking at pictures of celebrities, I cannot help enjoying even more the funny and embarrassing pictures. Over the years, I have compiled a folder of the pictures that I always burst out laughing at whenever … Continue reading

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What To Do If You Have Excess Hydrochloric Acid, Calcium Carbonate, and a Spare Toilet

Today marked the beginning of the second week of school, or in other words, the second week of hell. It is the first semester of senior year, after all. Well, to be totally honest, it’s been a walk in the … Continue reading

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Stephanie’s Top 20 Most Attractive Men

  1. Alex Pettyfer British actor who has been number one ever since I saw Stormbreaker many years ago. There is a reason he has been number one for almost four years. Although, he is close to moving down to … Continue reading

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Sophie’s 20 Hottest Men List of 2010 (with commentary + pictures)

       Seeing as I live in a nation with very few attractive people, I have to turn to the glorious world of celebrities to fulfill that constant, empty, dark void in my heart. I present to you my 2010 20 … Continue reading

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Obligatory self-introductions.

8/19/10 As you all know, my name is Stephanie. This is the first post, so a little about me. I have lived in four different places throughout my life: California, Singapore, Washington State, and China. Currently, I have been living … Continue reading

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