Stephanie’s Top 20 Most Attractive Men


1. Alex Pettyfer
British actor who has been number one ever since I saw Stormbreaker many years ago. There is a reason he has been number one for almost four years. Although, he is close to moving down to number two, because I found a surprisingly large number of shirtless and smoking pictures on the internet.

Sophie: Agree! Alex Pettyfer is definitely hot, though I wish he wasn’t playing a beast in the upcoming Beastly. I believe that his attractiveness on-screen should be maximized. However, it would be nice if he refrained from talking about his intimate details of his personal life in interviews.

2. Johannes Huebl
I only recently discovered Johannes Hueble, who is currently dating Olivia Palermo of The City. He is a German model and has the nicest dimples, and cheekbones, plus, he has style. In fact, he is pretty close to reaching number one, because I have yet to find a single nude or unflattering picture of him.

Sophie: I don’t really know much about him, besides that fact that he’s Oliva Palermo’s arm candy. I used to be super into international models, but after going to Europe, I realized that being unable to communicate with people is actually a huge problem and kind of a turn-off. I’m not sure of Johannes speaks English (I suppose he must speak a little), but his name doesn’t sound like he does.

3. Yoanne Gourcoff
Newly discovered, to me at least, French football player. Not only is he European, but he is also very good looking. I’m not exactly certain whether or not he is as good a football player as he is good looking, because of France’s unfortunately poor performance in the Football World Cup. However, I forgive him for many reasons. Also, he looks like he could play Nathan from Kohpan.

Sophie: Gorgeous. I imagine he speaks beautifully as well.

 4. David Beckham

Amazingly talented football player and he looks good with or without hair. He could be number one, although he is married with three kids. He doesn’t really have good taste in women (in my opinion), but at least Victoria Beckham dresses well and was a Spice Girl. 

Also, he had the movie “Bend It Like Beckham” named after him, and that is an ultimate accomplishment. My only regret is that he didn’t make a cameo in it.

SOPHIE: Agree; I love him so much.


5. Alex Watson

Emma Watson’s younger brother, a striking look alike (in a good way). He is also close to my age, a first on this list. I’m not sure who I loved more in the Burberry ads: Emma Watson or her brother Alex Watson. He also had small roles in the Harry Potter Movies.

  SOPHIE: He would be ranked higher on my list as well if I knew more about him. Now that Emma Watson’s been fired by Burberry, he won’t be in the ads anymore either. Now I don’t know where I’ll get my Alex Watson fix.


6. Darren Kagasoff

The only reason I watch The Secret life sometimes, him and Olivia Hussey’s daughter. However, he has very poor taste in girlfriends, seeing as how his girlfriend is constantly flipping off the press and looks very… promiscuous.  He also played baseball, a fact I just thought I would throw in there.

SOPHIE: I don’t really “know” him, so I can’t judge. However, I strongly dislike the Secret Life, so I suppose that’s a mark against him.



 7. Cristiano Ronaldo

Is undoubtedly good looking, but also has a child and can sometimes act arrogant and obnoxious. He is also an amazing football player and one of the reasons I watch football. Too bad Portugal didn’t do that well and I had no more opportunities to watch him in action.

SOPHIE: Agree with his hotness and the part about him being arrogant. I would also like to add that he is a crybaby and seems like kind of a douchebag. If one more lovechild of his appears in the media, I may no longer support Portugal.



8. Blue Lan

Sadly the only Asian on this list. He would be higher up, but he is already thirty. Even though he isn’t married, he was engaged to Barbie S, one of the most attractive women on my other list.

SOPHIE: I think he looks good in pictures, though I once saw him in a commercial on Chinese tv and decided that he didn’t look AS good in action. I think I value people who look good in action more than they do in pictures.

9. Robert Pattinson

After seeing certain films, I had to relegate Robert Pattinson lower on the list. His sense of humor more than makes up for his awkwardness, and the fact that I share the same birthday as him (May 13th) makes me like him ever more.

SOPHIE: The movie How To Be was definitely a poor choice by him. NOBODY looks good in a bowl haircut. NOBODY. Although he is still number one in my head because at least he had the good humor to even attempt to play such a character.

10. Wentworth Miller

Not only did he attend Princeton University, but he also starred in one of my favorite TV shows, Prison Break. I think I like him partly because of the selfless character he played, but I’m not sure, since this is mostly subconcious. He has been marred slightly by (false) comments delusional people have made.

SOPHIE: I like the badass look, but I think Wentworth Miller may be too intense for me. I also am not a huge fan of him gaining weight throughout the duration of Prison Break.

11. Sean Faris

The only movie I’ve seen him in is Sleepover, but that one movie was enough to cement him into my head forever. Although I haven’t watched any of his other movies since 2004, he has been in magazines and interviews.

SOPHIE: I first saw him in Sleepover with Alexa Vega when I was in sixth grade and thought he was cute. However, he hasn’t been around for a while and I think he may be too “pretty” for him. This may be hypocritical, as Zac Efron and Chace Crawford are on my list, but Sean’s beauty mark is perhaps what does (or doesn’t) do it for me.

12. Brandon Routh

Again, I’ve only seen him in one movie, which just happened to be Superman, although I should watch Table For 3, since Sophia Bush is also in it. Considering the fact that I have only ever seen him in tights and spandex, it is a pretty big accomplishment for him to be on the list at all. I particularly take pride in this picture, although I vaguely suspect he may be wearing eyeliner.

SOPHIE: He is cute, though he hasn’t been in movies for a while.

13. Orlando Bloom

Although he is now married to one of, in my opinion, most attractive women in the world, he is still good looking, especially as Legolas in Lord of the Rings. If anyone can look good in a long, blond wig, it’s Orlando Bloom.

SOPHIE: I loved his guest spot in Extras with Ricky Gervais. Just read today that he is the soon-to-be father of a child with his wife, Miranda Kerr. They will have beautiful children together. I wonder what kind of accent their kid will have.

14. David Villas

Another footballer, he is undeniably cute and the star of the Spanish football team. Even though this has nothing to do with anything, I just adore his last name.  He also played very well during the World Cup (obviously).

SOPHIE: Eeee agree agree agree.

15. Iker Casillas

An incredible goalkeeper with looks to match, his girlfriend is the world’s most attractive sport reporater. It was so sweet when he kissed his girlfriend on camera during a post-victory interview.

SOPHIE: Is totally attractive, though I still prefer men who speak English (with the exception of David Villa).


16. Michael Copon

His episodes of One Tree Hill are my favorite, except maybe for Season 4 with Derek. He is also the only reason I watched The Scorpion King 2, which was probably one of the worst, cheesiest, most predicatable movies I have ever seen. I was so disappointed when he didn’t get the role of Jacob in the Twilight series!

 SOPHIE: He was so hot in One Tree Hill, though he didn’t make my list because in Bring It On 4 he spoke with a black-ish accent. That was slightly strange.

17. Bradley Cooper

I love, love, loved the Hangover! And he was in Yes Man, All About Steve….  Too bad he was married and divorced. And seems to like older women. Despite what SOME people may suggest, he is NOT homosexual.

SOPHIE: He is a hottie. I also love his voice. I’m sure I’m not the only one who thought he looked hot in the opening scene of The Hangover with a bloody lip and dirt all over his face.


18. Ryan Reynolds

I loved him in X Men and I loved him in The Proposal. Unfortunately, he is already off the market, although his wife is Scarlett Johanson, who I approve of. I can’t wait to see his as the Green Lantern.

SOPHIE: Agree. Just don’t go on YouTube and search “Ryan Reynolds Just Friends credits” and all will be fine.




19. Fabio Coentraos

I can’t even pronounce his last name, but he made watching football even more enjoyable! He is a member of the Portuguese Football team and looks good in motion. I couldn’t really find great pictures though.

SOPHIE: See above reason about men not speaking English.

20. Ian Sommerhalder

Last but not least is Ian. 

He has the most piercing eyes I have ever seen. He is also dark haired and light eyed, a great combination that I have rarely seen

SOPHIE: He has BEAUTIFUL eyes. He made the list I made over the summer, but I took him off because I realize that I haven’t seen enough of him in motion to make an educated observation.


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7 Responses to Stephanie’s Top 20 Most Attractive Men

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  2. Hi there, I observed this blog once, then lost it. Took me forever to arrive back and find it. I wanted to view what comments you got. Very good blog by the way.

  3. nasim says:

    among these men the best are david villas-casillas-wentworth miller-cristiano ronaldo-alex watson.the rest are not handsome.

  4. nasim says:

    among these men the best are david villas-casillas-wentworth miller-cristiano ronaldo-alex watson-david beckham.the rest are not handsome.

  5. Likeitsmylast says:

    I see you did include many football players in your list.. What about Fernando Torres then?!

  6. apole redubla says:

    they were all really drop-dead gorgeous. Can’t wait to lay my lips on there appealing faces..
    but I’d rather die than to see Brandon Routh marrying Some of her Flings.
    and got my self ill if blue lan would just leave me! LOL as if!!!

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