Funny Pictures

As much as I like looking at pictures of celebrities, I cannot help enjoying even more the funny and embarrassing pictures. Over the years, I have compiled a folder of the pictures that I always burst out laughing at whenever I see them. Now, I have chosen a few to share with the world.

 This is the first ever picture in my collection; the picture that started this all off. Every time I watch one of Shia Labeouf’s movies or see one of his pictures, I can’t help thinking of this.


Imagine my devastation when I discovered that this man, Derek Hough, was dating Cheryl Cole.


Hehe, I love Marc Jacobs as well as Spongebob. This picture is too good to be true.

As much I like Cristiano Ronaldo, this picture was too good to not show everyone


This isn’t really funny, but it’s cute. And a little scary how he looks just like the main character.


Miley shouldn’t post every single picture of herself.

I know Miley is performing… but couldn’t she have made it look a little more attractive?


This picture says it all. It might also explain why my opinion of Ian Sommerhalder has fallen slightly.

Joe looks pleased. I love the crazy fan girls and the way he is running


What is Kevin wearing?


The re appearance of the uni sex V neck on Mitch Hewer. Is that cleavage?


I agree that sometimes the pantless look can work out, but in this case with Vanessa Hudgens, it just doesn’t


I like Robert Pattinson, I really do, but I like this picture more.


Russell, Russell, Russell. I just love the antics he gets up to. Too bad I couldn’t find that picture of him in a dress and leggings

I swear I wasn’t even looking for this. I just kind of stumbled across it and decided to post it on the blog.


Kevin Jonas is just hilarious


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