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Favorite Models

With New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week already in the past with two more left to go, I thought that a post on models would be appropriate. Sometimes we focus so much on the designers and celebrity models … Continue reading

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How To Save: Haggling

In many countries around the world, there are shopping places where you can haggle, particularly in Asia. Living in China, where practically every clothing/accessories place is a haggling market, this skill is extremely important. I’ve learned all sorts of tricks … Continue reading

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Birthdays + Bargaining

So as I mentioned in my previous post, it was our friend M‘s birthday. Even though we stayed out until around 2AM on Friday (or Saturday morning), Steph and I felt strangely energetic Saturday morning. After frosting the cupcakes beautifully … Continue reading

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Cupcakes + Clubbing

So this week it was our friend’s birthday, so Steph and I decided to bake red velvet cupcakes. We didn’t realize that Devil’s Food (which is what red velvet cupcakes are made from) is just chocolate cake. It was kind … Continue reading

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My Daily Arnesal Beauty Products

I hardly ever wear makeup unless I’m going out. Even when I do go out, I never use foundation or blush- I don’t even own those products. My daily arsenal of products includes concealer, perfume of some kind, sometimes mascara, … Continue reading

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How To Save: Premium Outlet Malls

I adore outlet malls. I live for outlet malls. Every summer, I shop at, if possible, multiple outlet malls. Premium outlet malls are the only outlets worth going to, and for that matter, going to the right one defines your … Continue reading

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All Things Wrap

I love wrap things, especially wrap jewelry. I’ve bought a few of my own and gotten a few from my mom and dad. Technically, not all of the bracelets below are wrap style, but I decided to include them in … Continue reading

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