Inside My Closet

Aside from baked goods and hot boys, I also love clothes. So, I decided to give everyone an in-depth tour of my closet, assuming that people care. If not, it’s always fun to take pictures of my clothes for myself.

As much as I cherish my clothes, I am also one of the most unorganized people to ever step foot on the face of the Earth. My clothes are literally bursting out of my closet. For some reason, people always assume that I’m super-organized – especially teachers. They’ll write on my report card, Sophie is a great student because she is organized and disciplined. Seriously, no. Just take a look inside my backpack – I don’t even use binders for each subject. Instead, I stuff all the papers I gather from each class inside my bag into one cluttered heap. My friend once looked inside my bag and went, “Oh my God, it’s like a boy’s bag.” I have to disagree there. All the boys that I know are way more organized than me. One of them (let’s call him K) even values cleanliness so much that he has banana peel facials done regularly.

Anyway, back to my clothes. Here is my closet, in all of its glory:

Half of my closet – this is the half where my clothes are hung by hangers. The other half is covered by the sliding door mirror.

In the mirror, you can see my Get Him to the Greek movie poster with a fake autograph from Russell Brand. It’s a long story. I planned to put up a giant Robert Pattinson poster next to it, but I thought it wouldn’t be fair to Jonah Hill, who is unattractive enough without having a mega-sparkling vampire right next to him.

Ta-da! The second half of my closet. The “folded” part. As you can see, everything is stacked precariously on top of each other. My bags, stuffed delicately on the top shelf, often tumble down on my head in a bag avalanche. It sounds funny, but it’s serious. It can hurt sometimes. Especially the Juicy zippers.

My closet in my old house was separated into drawers – and I much preferred it that way. That way, I didn’t have to stack everything on top of each other. The problem with stacking is that when you want to get a shirt from the bottom, you end up knocking everything else down (see floral dress spilling off of bottom shelf). Although then again, the problem with drawers is that you end up stuffing everything inside it when you get lazy. Or maybe the problem is just with me and my unorganizational skills.

Anyway, seeing as my closet is positively stuffed to the brim, I thought I’d point out the highlights of my wardrobe. These are things that I love to wear and/or have just bought over the summer:

Item #1: My cream lace dress from H&M

This dress doesn’t photograph that well. Trust me, it looks much better in person – the color is a bit off in the photo and the lace detailing doesn’t really come through.

I bought this dress at H&M in May for 299yuan, or roughly $40. I almost didn’t buy it, because I wanted to save my money for this sex dice that I saw in a little shop below (don’t ask). But I decided the dress would be perfect for many, many occasions.

Ultimately, the utility of the dress has justified the cost (HL Economics shout-out). I’ve worn this numerous times to different events – graduation ushering, clubbing, and just walking around. The best part is you can dress this up or day depending on the formality of the occasion. If you pair it with heels, you can wear it to formal events, and if you wear a light cardigan and sandals with it, it’s the perfect summertime dress. I plan to wear this to an Easter Egg Hunt (which is yet to be planned) and a tea party (also yet to be planned).

Some may think the zipper on the front of the dress is “risque”, though I think the lace and color offsets the raciness. I suppose if you really wanted to up the slut factor, you could unzip it down a little further.

The cream color of this dress makes it extremely versatile. You can pair it with almost anything – a leather jacket, a cardigan, a denim jacket, a shawl (not that I would wear a shawl) – basically anything. Or you can just wear it on its own – the straps are wide enough so they cover up any bra or camisole straps, which is nice.

What this dress does NOT go well with is FLIP FLOPS. I love my flip flops as much as the next person, but this dress isn’t casual enough to flippy-floppy it around. Gladiator sandals or dressy sandals are the much more appropriate choice. Flats and oxfords would be good too. Right now in my head I’m imagining Taylor Swift wearing this with oxford lace-ups and one of her boho headbands.

The one downside to this dress: it is very, very, very short. Don’t plan on bending down in this. You will regret it.

Item #2: Sparkly shift from H&M

I haven’t actually gotten the chance to wear this, seeing as school just started and there haven’t been any parties or formal events. However, it’s one of my new loves – I bought it in a H&M in Europe (I believe it was Barcelona) for ONLY 10 EUROS. It was marked down to 29.90 Euros, but I managed to get it for 10. When something is THAT cheap, you just have to buy it. HAVE to. Steals like that always make me feel great.

I love sparkly things – and this dress is absolutely covered in fabulous sparkles. The sparkles were definitely the main draw. I also like the Lady Gaga-esque sleeves, which aren’t too puffy or too dramatic. The ruching is a nice touch. The sleeves are a good length as well – I think quarter-length sleeves are always flattering. Dresses with quarter-length sleeves are harder to find.

The color is also nice – just like the dress above, it’s a cream, though a darker shade. It’s more a nude shade, though having Asian-colored skin, it’s not as invisible against my skin tone as it would be on a Caucasian.

However, there are also several things I don’t like about this dress – for one, I don’t like the V-neck and the ruching of the neck. I feel like it cheapens the whole look (even though it was only 10 Euros). Also, the dress is a bit long – it stops an inch or two above my knee. Seeing as I have short legs, longer things like this make me look even shorter.

Lastly, the sparkles are constantly falling off the dress. Even when I just run my hand over it, I instantly come away with a palm covered in glitter. That tells me I can’t wear this too often – I don’t want to end up being the bearer of pixie dust at events. That would be embarrassing. I think this dress may be better for outdoor social events, like tea parties (if I ever have the fortune to go to one), where no one will notice if I shed too much glitter.

But then again, I guess you get what you get for the price – even if I only wore this once or twice, it would be worth it for the price.

Item #3: Cropped faux-leather jacket

This is one of my favorite pieces ever – this jacket goes with almost everything. Again, it doesn’t photograph particularly well. It looks kind of shapeless and blobby, but it’s extremely fitted and cropped when put on.

I bought this in Hong Kong in a department store. The label says Juicy Girl, but I sincerely doubt that it’s Juicy Couture.

I’ve worn this so many times I can’t even count. It looks best with a black long-sleeved shirt tucked under a floral skirt with tights. I think I’ve worn that outfit combination at least three times. I’ve also worn it with a long gray-tank racer dress and a bright blue scarf as well as with my cream H&M lace dress (see above). It’s a great jacket for going out clubbing – it’s the perfect combination of edge and trendiness.

The jacket is faux-leather, so it’s kind of stiff and hard to touch – although it doesn’t feel that way when you put it on. I have a real leather jacket (put the bag of flour away, PETA) given to me by my ex-boyfriend, who also bought it in Hong Kong, which is made out of Italian leather and is super soft. However, I tend to wear the faux-leather jacket more often, just because it’s tougher and more durable. I’m not afraid to get this scratched or stained.

The fact that this jacket is cropped makes it wearable with almost anything – dresses, skirts, skinny jeans, anything. I particularly like the complicated zippers – it adds a degree of edge. I’ve never worn it zipped up, but I think it would look good zipped up with dark skinny jeans and motorcycle boots (if I had one). Very Taylor Momsen. Though Taylor Momsen probably would forget about the jeans.

Everyone should definitely invest in a cropped leather jacket – faux or real. It goes with everything and can make you look totally badass.

Item #4: Navy cardigan with denim flower detailing

I promised myself that I wouldn’t buy anything from Hollister or Abercrombie this summer, but I couldn’t resist buying this cardigan from Hollister. It’s super-soft and light, making it perfect for summer.

Hollister clothes tend to run tight, so I bought this cardigan in a medium for extra looseness. I love the frayed denim cloth around each of the flowers – the distressed look makes the cardigan takes the sweetness off the flowers a little bit. Plus, the extra bit of material around the button-line adds just enough detail without overwhelming the entire cardigan.

The thing I love about cardigans is that they’re so modest and conservative yet look good with everything. It’s just so simple to throw on a cardigan, a pair of skinny jeans and flats, and look great. Add a pair of oversized Chanel sunglasses and a designer bag and you’ll look like a movie star. Cardigans are the kind of clothing that make you look like a casual-chic Hollywood celebrity.

But then again, you have to find the RIGHT cardigan. It can’t be too tight, but it has to be fitted as well (or else you’ll end up looking like a grandma). Grandpa cardigans are only okay if you wear them with skinny jeans.

I have a bunch of cardigans, but a lot of them are cropped. I like the length of this one as well as the color. Navy blue is totally in this season. I like to wear a lot of black, so navy is the perfect way to up the variety of color I wear without straying too far from my comfort zone. Plus, the subdued nature of the color lets the detail of the flowers come through.

This cardigan can be worn unbuttoned or buttoned, but I prefer to wear it buttoned, just so I can show off the frayed denim material by the buttons. I wore it with dark jeans, though I realize that lighter jeans would probably be a better choice, seeing as the cardigan is already a dark shade.

Anyway, cardigans are one thing you can never have too much of.

Item #5: Sequined shift

I love this shift! I got it in a little boutique in Hong Kong for half-price (I forgot what the original price was. But either way, it was a steal.) This was when I was going through my sequins phase (inspired by Taylor Swift.)

What I like about the sequins on this shift is that they’re not too flashy. They’re more muted, so it doesn’t overload the dress and come off as trashy. Plus, the back of the shift is just black – there are no sequins.

The pattern is nice too – the nice V-shape of the stripes points down, so it makes me look taller and thinner. The shift is fitted without being too tight – it doesn’t cling to the body or anything. It’s not loose, but it’s not Spandex-y either. Overall, it’s rather modest – the neckline isn’t too low and the length isn’t too short – at least, not for me. It hits a few inches above my knee.

Because the sequins aren’t too flashy, you can dress this up or down in many different ways. By itself, you could wear it clubbing or partying. You could also wear it with a leather jacket and ankle booties to a rock concert or something. You could further wear it with a black jacket or a thicker gray cardigan. But this is definitely not a casual dress – it would look ridiculous with sandals. It’s more of an edgy shift, meant to be worn with thicker heels, not thin delicate ones.

I’ve only gotten the opportunity to wear it once – during a photoshoot with my family. Though I plan to wear it many more times throughout this year, once college apps are in. I mean, it’s the perfect clubbing dress, isn’t it?

Item #6: Black and purple stone wash skirt

This skirt was a great buy. It was around $15 from Forever21. I bought it in June, and I’ve already worn it at least five times. It’s so comfortable and easy to wear – all you have to do is wear it with a tank top tucked in.

The photo makes the colors look a lot brighter than they actually are. In reality, the purple is very dark and the black a lot richer. The contrast between the two colors is a lot more subtle. I prefer to wear it with a black t-shirt or tank top, though – it’s much easier on the eyes that way. In fact, I just wore this skirt to dinner today with a black lace tank top underneath and a white denim jacket over it.

The nice thing about this skirt is that it’s stretchy and soft – the pleats also make your waist look a lot smaller. Usually skirts that are meant to be worn with a tank top tucked in underneath are flattering with respect to your waist.

It’s also a great length – quite short, about mid-thigh length, though it doesn’t look too immodest because it goes up to your waist, thus giving it the illusion of being longer (clever, I know.) This skirt looks good with both flip flops and gladiator sandals. In Europe, I wore it with nude sandals, though I’ve worn it with flip flops much more in Beijing (it’s just easier.)

I also like this skirt because a (hot) Italian boy who works at La Pizza at Solana smiled at me while I was wearing it.

Item #7: Michael Kors shoulder purse

I bought this purse from the Michael Kors store at Bellevue Square Mall in Bellevue, Washington. I admit, it was a bit of a splurge at $114, but I think it was worth it for the quality. I think it’s okay to spend a bit of extra money on something that’s truly well-made.

The strap is really long, which makes it perfect for slinging sideways across your body. It’s nice and casual, and you can wear it with basically any outfit. It looks best with my plaid shirt and American Eagle jeggings, I think. I carried this bag today at dinner with the stone-wash skirt (above) with a black tank top and white denim jacket and black flip flops.

The bag looks small, but you can actually put a ton a stuff in it. I fit a tube of lotion, a bottle of hand-sanitizer, two packs of Altoids, two chapsticks, an iPod, a wallet, and a pack of gum inside there. So its carrying capacity is not to be underestimated based on its appearance.

Item #8: Shimmery black infinity scarf

I am really so pleased with this purchased. I bought this at Nordstrom’s for $45 over the summer. After seeing Selena Gomez in her red knitted infinity scarf, I just had to get one for myself. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the exact one she had, but this scarf is excellent as well.

As you can see, I looped the scarf twice – it’s actually quite long. Unlooped, it probably hangs down my thighs, which could also work if I was going for the slouchy look. Though seeing as a scarf dangling around my crotchular area may be slightly awkward, I think I’ll stick to wearing it looped twice.

I haven’t gotten the chance to wear this yet because it’s too hot in Beijing. It would be the perfect scarf to wear during all seasons in Seattle, but in Beijing, it’s probably more suited to a fall/winter scarf.

Black is a good color for a scarf because you can wear it with anything. I like the fact that there’s silver shimmer – so it’s basic black with a fun twist. I also like the fringe detail at the bottom – it makes the stripey-ness of the scarf less uniform and a lot more unique in my opinion.

I can’t WAIT to wear this scarf with a black long-sleeved shirt, black skinny jeans, and boots. Maybe with a black leather jacket over it all, if I want to go all out. I will look so BADASS (I rarely get the opportunity to look badass.)

I’m thinking that I should only buy infinity scarves from now on – I won’t have to constantly readjust and retie it like I have to with normal scarves. They’re practical and attractive – the perfect combination. Now if only I could find a man like that.

Item #9: Leopard print scarf

I absolutely LOVE this scarf. My mom bought it for me in a boutique in Beijing, and I got like a million compliments from people in Seattle (one from the saleslady at Derek Andrew, one from the saleslady at Neiman Marcus, and one from the saleslady at the denim shop.)

This scarf is super light and soft, so it’s a perfect summer scarf, but the dark colors also make it work for fall and winter. The black parts on the scarf are velvet, so it’s fun to rub against your face (though people may think that you’re weird.) The back part of the scarf is faded, so the contrast against the faded black and the rich black velvet is particularly striking.

This scarf looks great with black and white shirts. On the plane to Seattle, I wore it with a white button-up, black leggings, and oversized brown sunglasses. It was a great outfit. A+.

Item #10: Sky-high studded heels

These are the heels I wore to prom. I bought them at -I believe it was Shinkong Place in Beijing.

Now, the shoes are not for easy-wear. They are very, very high – I think around four inches. They are killer. My arches were dying after dancing and walking in these for three hours. Though then again, my feet are always dying after walking around in high heels for longer than ten minutes.

But despite the pain they bring me, these shoes look great. I love the silver studs on them – studs are in this season. Plus, I like the shape of the heel – how they go from thick and narrow down to a thinner point at the bottom.

I can’t wear these shoes often. For prom, I had to stick pads on the heels so my skin wouldn’t chafe (my feet chafe easily. This is why I almost never wear flats.) However, these shoes are okay for occasional formal event-wear. Though I did make the mistake of wearing these with a very, very indecently short prom dress. Sky high heels + tiny dress = not good.

Anyway, I have plenty more in my closet that I didn’t take pictures of. I’ll get around to photographing the rest of my favorite clothes, accessories, and shoes some other time – hopefully I’ll have a good selection of winter clothes to show everybody who cares. Cheers.


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  1. I looooooove that dress, I’m a total sucker for lace, anything with lace is hot, sexy, classy, you name it. For a while I thought you took a picture of the back of the dress but then I read on, that’s kind of strange, but different? I still love it though!

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