What’s Under My Sink

Since I live in China, I practically import my own products from the United States. That includes everything from jugs of honey to face wash. Because I buy a year’s worth of beauty supplies and toiletries, I stock all my stuff under my bathroom sink, which is why the bottom of my sink looks a little like a drugstore.

Some of my more important products are the shimmer lotions, because I can never be too glittery, and the body butters… because I can never be too buttery. Or moisturized.

I have three bottles of perfume, which I don’t even really want to use anymore. The yellow box is the Anna Sui Flight of Fancy. Next to that is the DKNY green delicious perfume, and the Britney Spears Curious. Right now, I’m obsessed with purchasing the Marc Jacobs Daisy and Acqua di Gioia.

Technically, this is no longer under my sink, but next to it. I don’t like keeping too many things on my sink, such as bottles of perfume, which would look nice, because everything gets dusty. I just keep the important products that I use every day. I stole the pink, white, and green wicker basket from my sister and it’s turned out to be indispensable. I put my contact solution stuff inside.

In the little metal basket on the left, I have vanilla shimmer lotion from the body shop and a comb that’s kind of hidden.

What else do I stock up on? Lip everything. I usually keep my lip balms, glosses, and chapstick in a little vanity box, but I took them all out so I could see the extent of what I had amassed. This isn’t even my whole collection, since I got rid of three lip glosses a few days ago. I’ve been trying to cut back.

Starting from the top right are my Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush lip glosses; these are great deal at only 5 for $20. However, I can hardly use one up in a year, so I end up giving most of them away. I kept two of my favorites: bubble gum (light pink) and passion fruit pop (darker pink). The other tube is from a dollar store in Japan. I love going to the dollar stores to stock up on cheap lip gloss and make up, but I haven’t been to Japan in a while. This one is minty and sparkly, so I only use it on special occasions.

Underneath the lip glosses are my Rosebud lip balms. These are really great, because I can use them as Vaseline and they smell perfume-y. I especially like the minted rose (white case) balm.

The second column is my Chapstick and Lip Smacker column. The odd one out is the black tube, which is from the mentholatum company and is actually a men’s lip balm. I bought it because I thought the chap stick was bright blue, but it turned out to be white. It was still minty and smelled kind of nice, so I’m keeping and using it until I find someone to give it to. Starting from the bottom are my three Chapsticks. Cherry chapstick is a classic and I’ve been using it since I was in kindergarten (I remember accidentally rolling it all out to see how much was in the tube and then I couldn’t get it back in). The fresh effect chapstick is one of new favorites and the shimmer one is nice, but not very moisturizing. The next two have SPF and smell amazing- one is vanilla and the other is cherry blast. The brown and pink tubes are cookie dough and cotton candy respectively. Every year I buy a party pack of lip smackers and split them with my sister. Because I already had so many this year, I let her keep all of them except for the cotton candy. The last two, not including the black tube, weren’t purchases I made. My dad bought the clear one even though I didn’t ask him to. I only kept it because it’s called Candy Glaze. The last one was given to me by a friend and it’s called Sugar Sprinkle, so you know why I still have it.

The last column are my Burt’s Bees, Softlips, and other lip products. I like burt’s bees because all the lip balms have cooling effects. The tinted colors are nice as well.

I’ve been using Softlips since seventh grade and I have watched the company come far in the last few years. I remember when they only had cherry, vanilla, and strawberry. Now they’ve expanded to millions of flavors. Right now, I have tinted bronze, tinted pearl, vanilla mint (which is really like mint chocolate), and natural honesty.

The green tube is a free Clinique lipstick my parents got when they purchased skin cream. I took it, because I’ll never know when I need lipstick. The raspberry mouse tube came with a Philosophy gift set (can be seen in the second picture from under my sink) I bought that was intended for a present whenever a birthday arose. I liked the gift set so much I kept it for myself. The last two in my collection are from bath and body works. I got them in Kansas City this summer in Peppermint and Cinnamon.

Looking back, I can’t believe I have so much to say about my lip products alone. If you’re wondering whether I can use all of them within a year, the answer is yes. Except for the lip glosses, as mentioned before.



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