My Closet

With college approaching (in more than half a year), I’ve been occupied with how I’m bring all my clothes thousands of miles to college and fit them all in my tiny dorm closet. I don’t particularly like the idea of moving all my clothes, because I have them all perfectly organized along with my purses, scarves, and shoes (those are for another blog post).  I have two closets for clothes, which is still not enough. I’ve had to fold many of my clothes up and stuff them into drawers. I organize my clothes by style, color, and then brand.


On the top row, I have my hoodies and dresses. I also moved some of my shirts to this area because they wouldn’t fit in the second closet. Underneath, I have my sweatpants and the strapless dresses and tops. There’s also a box for my scarves. The bottom layer is my other tops, such as t shirts, tanks tops, etc.


The second closet is mostly my “bottoms” closet, although I put my blazers, jackets, and dress shirts here as well. The top row is my blazers, jackets, and shirts; you’ll notice these are mostly black. My shorts and skirts also go in the top row so I have room for my purses underneath. I (somewhat ingeniously, although I’m not bragging) used old cereal and granola boxes to create shelves that are perfect for housing individual purses. In the second row, I have my trousers, jeans, capris, and horseback riding pants. I keep the long pants hung over velvet hangers because they used to get caught when I closed the closet door. I have the jeans and pants organized by style (denim, velvet, corduroy) and then by wash if it’s denim from light to dark.

Keeping my closet organized isn’t a hassle. In fact, I love putting my clothes neatly into the closet so I can just stare at them. I don’t like arranging my clothes by season, because then I would miss out on some great layering opportunities. I’m not going to photograph my drawers, which is where I keep leggings, socks, underwear (definitely not photographing that), sleep wear, swimsuits, extra sweat pants, and exercise clothes, because it’s pretty boring.

This is my bag storage area. I don’t put my bigger bags here- they go in the cereal box shelves. I meant to have little shelves built in so that I wouldn’t have to stack the small purses on top of one another, but I didn’t get around to doing it. Now that I’m going off to college in less than a year, it seems quite pointless to do so.



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