Beauty Product Wonderland

Since Steph did a post on the products under her sink, I thought I’d do the same, as I definitely have amassed quite a collection of various (junk) items over the past two years. I know that there’s that show Hoarders, which shows people who refuse to throw away any of their things, and I feel like I may be showing symptoms of a hoarder. Take a look:

The top of my sink.

 Below my sink:

Unlike Stephanie, I am a lot messier. I feel like the presentation of my room reflects the cleanliness of my bathroom cabinets. But I love looking into my cabinets, no matter how messy they are – the burst of fun colors make me feel happy and satisfied. I suppose that’s why I love going to drugstores so much. Funnily enough, Picasso art museums don’t seem to have the same effect on me.

Anyway, I organized my mess (somewhat) and arranged my products into lines by product type. First up are the body sprays (I’m excited already):

HEHEHEHEHE OMG this picture makes me so happy. I can smell all of the yummy goodness already. Among my favorites are the Strawberries & Champagne spray (from Victoria’s Secret Garden Collection, second from left) and the Pear Caramel spray (Calgon; third from right) that Stephanie gave me a long time ago. The Beauty Rush mini-sprays (the two-toned ones) are fun because when you shake them, the colors fuse together. That’s scientific. My least favorite spray is the one at the very right, the glittery green one. It’s from T, whom I suppose is a “friend” (yeah, right).

Next up are my perfumes, the older, prettier sisters of body spray. I LOVE my perfumes, just like I love everything else in my cabinet. But the perfumes have a special place in my heart because they are worth more and last longer. Perfume is just classy.

Isn’t that cute???? I love the doll bottle the Harajuku Lovers perfume comes in. I loved the scent so much that I had to order the mini solid perfume version from Sephora’s. I want the whole collection of Harajuku Lovers perfume, but unfortunately I don’t like the other scents. The one that I have is the “Love” version, and it is true love (<– see what I did there?)

From left to right: Acqua di Parma, DKNY Fresh Blossom, Harajuku Lovers “Love”, Sephora White, Oilily Blossom, Jo Malone Citrus + Mint, Some Crappy Perfume that T me (she probably got it for free in a golf club bathroom). The light pink box behind is from Victoria’s Secret, and it contains mini bottles of Victoria’s Secret top perfumes. It was on sale for ten dollars and the inside of the box has a cute floral lining, so I thought I’d buy it and give it to someone for their birthday. I did end up giving it to someone. Me.

This is by far my favorite perfume in the whole world. It’s an Italian perfume called Acqua di Parma, and it’s a blend of spice and citrus and other yummy things. I imagine it is what heaven smells like. This perfume is extremely special to me, because it’s how I met two of the hottest people I know. It’s a long story. But basically, my model friend (I just love saying “model friend”, like it’s completely normal and no big deal) got it for me in Italy after he cockblocked me and I got mad. He offered to get me the big version, but I felt bad and settled for the little one, seeing as it was already 77 euros. I use this perfume sparingly and only on special occasions. The bottle just looks so classy, doesn’t it?

THESE ARE MY LOTIONS. To be honest, I don’t use lotion all that much. I use it after I get out of the shower, but applying lotion is more for fun. They are nice to look at, aren’t they? I especially like the packaging of the apple-scented lotion (ingeniously packaged in an apple). Among my favorites of this collection are the Jergens Natural Glow, which makes me look tan and glittery (a desirable quality as well as visually appealing); the Shea Cashmere lotion from Bath & Body Works (I have two scents: Shea, which is the little tan bottle in the front, and Twilight Woods, which is the big purple tube behind the little one) which is nice and soft due to the genius African cashmere infusion that smells just like vanilla frosting; Ugo Vanelli (the black and orange tube) which is technically for men, but I don’t care as it is French and smells like rich people; and the Deep Aqua lotion, the light blue and green canister at the front (from Bath & Body Works), which makes your skin feel nice and cool. I’ve learned from experience that guys tend to like the Beauty Rush lotion on girls (the pink one in particular, which smells like watermelons) and Pure Seduction (appropriate name. From Victoria’s Secret Garden Collection). I’ve heard that men like vanilla, but according to a friend of mine, the Bath & Body Works Vanilla Sugar lotion I have “smells like milk.” I, personally, like the smell of milk.

Lastly, we have THE LIP BALMS (I saved the BEST for last.) I labelled everything for your viewing ease:

First off, the big pink heart bag is a collection of Victoria’s Secret lip glosses that my friend S gave to me. The dark red one is my favorite one, because it smells like ‘Nilla Fudge. It’s unfortunate that I don’t like the color that much. The light pink one on the left is mango-flavored, and the middle one is sugar or something like that. I don’t use it very often.

1. I got these two Body Shop lip balms from a friend. I forgot who. The top one is grapefruit and the bottom is papaya. Initially I didn’t want to use either because they were all so perfect and smooth, but eventually I caved and decided to use the grapefruit one first because it smells worse than the papaya. I quickly found that I actually like the grapefruit one better than the papaya, because it’s a nice faded pink color that makes your skin look extra tan when you put it on. It’s my summer balm.

2. I got this lip balm over the summer at Limited Too (excuse me, I believe that is now called Justice. I haven’t shopped there since I was in 7th grade). I had to buy a gift for my friend Judy, and I noticed that Limited Too was having a 50% off all merchandise sale, so I decided to buy lip balm. I liked this one because of it’s packaging (it’s supposed to look like a Blizzard milkshake) and I like it when food companies come out with lip balm lines. I bought two flavors – chocolate cookie dough and strawberry cheesecake. Judy chose the strawberry cheescake one, so I was left with the cookie dough, which was fine by me. I love how it smells like food, though every time I put it on I want to eat a cookie. So I don’t use it that often.

3. I LOVE Burt’s Bees lip balm because it leaves your lips all minty and cool. Downside: It is slightly more expensive than other lip balms (at $2.99 each), and the packaging isn’t that attractive. In fact, I never even though of buying Burt’s Bees’ lip balms before because it was so unattractive on the outside. This is one of the few cases where what’s on the inside really does matter.

4. This is green tea ice cream flavored lip balm. So obviously, it’s wonderful.

5. Did I mention I love it when food companies come out with their own lip balm lines? I LOVE cake, so this lip balm was the perfect buy for me. Unfortunately, it doesn’t smell that much like angel food. However, the cute yummy-looking packaging makes up for it’s inaccurate scent.

6. Out of my collection, this one is the most boring. It smells like baby powder. I bought it because it promised “softer lips”, though my lips have not shown any signs of being softer. I rarely use this now, though sometimes I force myself to even when I don’t need it, because I don’t like the idea of wasting a perfectly good lip balm.

7. I’m obsessed with searching for that minty, cool feeling on your lips, so once I saw that this was called Lip Ice, I knew it would be perfect for me. It really does make your lips feel all icy cool, plus this also smells like strawberries, which is a big A+. However I have to demote it to an A- because it tastes horrible. Even when I don’t intentionally eat it, I can still taste it on my lips.

8. This is a “water” chapstick, which is supposed to make your lips feel cool. It works, though it doesn’t smell good, so I don’t use it too much.

9. This “Fresh Effects” chapstick is one of my new favorites. It provides long-lasting coolness and also smells like green tea, so what could go wrong? I realize that I should start using it more. The problem is when you have as many lip balms as I do, it’s hard to use one regularly.

10. This is the Men’s Aqua chapstick that Stephanie wanted to buy but couldn’t find. I found this in a crumpled package in a supermarket in Yunnan during our Habitat for Humanity building trip. There was only one of its kind, all hidden away like the Holy Grail. It’s a beautiful stunning blue and gives your lips a fresh blast of coolness. After buying this, I decided I was only going to buy men’s chapstick from then on. That didn’t work out too well. There’s not too much variety in men’s chapstick.

11. This is Chanel lipstick.

12. My SoftLips collection! From left to right: Vanilla, Pearl, Cherry, and Bronze. The Vanilla was the first one I ever bought, and I fell in love immediately. Not only does it smell like sugar, it also provides me with that much-desired minty effect. I’ve been a huge fan of SoftLips products ever since. I bought the Pearl and Cherry together this summer, though the Pearl isn’t the color I imagined. I imagined a shimmery, color-changing, glittery pink, but instead I opened the tube to find a frosty, solid pink. At least it smells nice. I love the Bronze one – it’s more like a subtle gold.

13. The Nivea collection. Nivea products are great – they come in lipstick-like tubes and are soft and gentle. From left to right: Pearl, Rose, and Medicated. The medicated one was the first one I bought because it had that minty effect (I’m addicted). The Rose one smells like candy and enhances the red of my lips nicely. As for the Pearl….(see above SoftLips Pearl).

14. I bought these two together from Bath & Body Works this summer. As you all know (or should know by now), I love that minty feeling on my mouth. So how perfect was it when I saw that these two were specially MADE to provide that minty effect?? The red tube is cinnamon-mint and the green mint-mint. Or spearmint-mint. Something like that. These by far have the longest-lasting cooling effect, though on the downside, it is lip gloss and is thus stickier than normal lip balm.

15. The LipSmackers Sisters. LipSmackers is like the classic girl chapstick. The colors and flavors are fun and bright, and the packaging is always cute. I didn’t realize how many LipSmackers I had until I put them all next to each other. From left to right: Mango, Blueberry, Starburst Kiwi-Melon, Lemonade, Strawberry Skittles, Strawberry, Bubblegum, and Sour Strawberry. To be honest, I don’t use these that much anymore despite my extensive collection, BECAUSE NONE OF THEM ARE MINTY. They are cute though.

16. The two EcoLips lip balms. I convinced my mom to buy two of these for me (the green one is mint and the blue one vanilla) in Hong Kong, telling her that the blue one would be for my brother (yeah, right). So now I have two environmentally-friendly lip balms that I basically never use. I resolve to use them now. Or maybe I should just give them to my brother.

So that’s my bathroom! I realize that it may seem like I have a lot of junk, but it really isn’t. It’s all meaningful and useful and I love it. Besides, you haven’t even seen my hair accessories yet. Don’t even get me started on headbands. Cheers.


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