The Things That I Have Yet to Wear Part 1 (From This Summer)

I have many articles of clothing I have yet to wear. Some of them have been hanging in my closet for ages and ages. It’s not that I don’t like them- I just haven’t found the right opportunity to wear them. Some of these I got over the summer, such as the leather jacket and jeggings.  Some of these were acquired a few years ago, although I DO plan to wear them. Someday.

This is a leather Michael Kors jacket that I found at Dillards. At first I didn’t want to go to Dillards, but a bright red leather jacket caught my eye. I’d been looking for a perfect leather jacket that was reasonably priced for years, and to my surprise, I found a whole rack of leather jackets at just over a hundred dollars each. I snatched this style up immediately. It was perfect, because I wanted a motorcycle style jacket with the neck button thing. The only problem is that this jacket is a little too big. I think, however, that I can solve that problem by bulking up with sweaters and layers underneath.

Technically, these jeggings from Nordstrom rack weren’t my buy or find. They were my sister’s. After we got home, I tried them on and found they were deliciously soft and the perfect fit at a children’s size 12. What is with American sizes? Anyways, I took them from her, so she ordered new pairs online. It was a win win situation and I can’t wait to wear them.

Once Abercrombie and Hollister realized that they had to go on clearance sometime to avoid bankruptcy, they started marking clothes down for next to nothing. I got this gray blazer for around $30 or $40 dollars, I can’t really remember. It’s a cropped fleece blazer that’s so comfortable. I ordered it around winter last year and got it in spring, so I still haven’t had the chance to wear it.

I got this dress at a Saks Fifth Avenue outlet. It’s Romeo and Juliet Couture, which is one of my favorite brands. It has a layer of pink tulle at the bottom, so it has volume and is not flat. I especially like the back because it laces up. I love anything lace up. My only concern is that the dress lacks a waist, so I’ll have to layer this dress with a jacket or something.

Barneys Co-Op: This dress is from Barneys. It was marked down from over a hundred dollars to just thirty, so of course I had to buy it. It’s pretty plain, except for the black lace around the collar. The dress is a little bit short, so I’ll have to wear it with leggings.

Another dress I got is Free Generation, also from Saks. The front is a plain gray, but the back has a really nice lace design. I wore this once on the airplane, so technically it’s been worn, but because it’s also short, I’ll have to wait till fall or winter to wear it again with leggings.

To Be Continued…



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4 Responses to The Things That I Have Yet to Wear Part 1 (From This Summer)

  1. sagemag says:

    Thanks for the tips on Abercrombie and Hollister. I love their knits but they are way too pricey. I love everything you have here. I have a lot of things I’ve never worn either. It’s mostly because I’ve been saving them to wear to a nice work place, but I’m not going to find that great job yet. I guess I should just “dress for the job I want” now.

    • urbanfancies says:

      Thanks so much! I love it when people comment, so I know what to write about. I wish you good luck in your job search! I looked at your blog; are you from Seattle too? I lived their for nine years, before I moved. It’s nice to find someone who can relate to where I’m from.

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