The Things That I Have Yet to Wear Part 2 (From Years Ago)

Part 1 Continued…

BCBG:  I found this dress at the same time I found the sequined dress Miley Cyrus wore on an episode of Hannah Montana (the one where both her grandmas come visit). I tried both of them on in the dressing room, but I fell in love with this one. It’s the perfect mint/sea foam green color. The sequins are delicate and the design is subtle, but intricate. Every time I try this on, I feel like a mermaid or something equally magical. Unfortunately, it is a bit too big, even though I bought it in XS, so I either have to tailor it to fit, or wait until I grow into it. The latter is quite unlikely, seeing as how I haven’t grown in years.

Online: I’ve had this dress for around two years. I was shopping online when I found this Twisted Heart dress for less than $30 dollars. I immediately bought it, but when I saw it in person… it was a little bright. It fits nicely and it looks really good on. I also found out that Miley Cyrus has the same dress in navy, although I didn’t know that until after I purchased it. The dress looks a little formal on, probably because of the body hugging fit. I think I’ll use it as a beach dress for when I go on vacation this Chinese New Year.

Juicy Couture: This pair Juicy leggings was less than twenty dollars. I also got this a couple years ago, but I still haven’t worn them. They are thick and for cold weather and the little heart designs are adorable. I actually got two pairs: one as shown in the picture in black and white and another in yellow and gray. Why I would buy yellow and gray leggings is beyond me.

Express: This is from a long time ago. My mom encouraged me to buy it; obviously, the only way I can wear it is layered over jeans or possibly a dress. I find the hardest items to incorporate into one’s wardrobe are the unnecessary items that provide neither coverage nor warmth.

Motivi: This brand is my favorite Italian chain store. I got the dress in Italy for only $10. I also really wanted a sequined dress, so this was perfect. Even though it was cheap, it fits nicely and looks good. If only I had an occasion to wear it to.

Miley Cyrus and Max Azria: Max Azria is one of my favorite designers. I love BCBG. I also really like the Miley Cyrus brand at Walmart, although I think it’s mostly Max Azria doing the designing. This is a chiffon formal ish top that I got in Hawaii. It was only three dollars, so I bought three in purple, white, and black. I planned to wear this to formal events, such as Forensics or MUN, but it’s sleeveless, which I found might be a little inappropriate.

Conclusion: There are many, many more items I haven’t worn, but they are too numerous to photograph. I have also started to rethink my purchases before buying them. First, I ask myself “Do I really need this?” then, “when can I wear it?” After saying yes to these questions, I think about the clothes I can pair them with. This way, I stop making so many frivolous buys that I regret later. Of course, having a little sister who I can give my clothes to helps as well.



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2 Responses to The Things That I Have Yet to Wear Part 2 (From Years Ago)

  1. I love the sequin tank and the purple top!
    You should definitely get on wearing those or send them to me!

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