Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!

You know how they say the most important part of a woman’s outfit is her shoes? Well, I think I just made that up, but it’s almost true. I have a huge collection of shoes, but unfortunately, I almost never get to wear any of them seeing as they’re inappropriate for school. So I thought I’d show off some highlights of my hidden shoe collection here.

These shoes are lovely. I feel like a princess when I wear them. There’s so much detail in the design, but it’s not too messily elaborate. It’s an elegant shoe, made extra special by the black sparkly stones. I got it from a little boutique in Beijing for around 300-400 kuai, or roughly 45 – 55 dollars. Even though it wasn’t that expensive, it’s very good quality. I half-expected the black stones to fall off, but they’ve stayed on even after walking around for several hours during graduation.

Below is an aerial view of the shoe (I feel so scientific, using words like “aerial” to describe my shoes):

These are another pair of heels that I adore. I like how the flower at the front is reminiscent of Valentino’s floral designs. These are from another one of those small stores in Beijing, and were also around 400 kuai ($55). Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten a chance to wear these yet, but I expect I’ll wear them once forensics seasons starts in two weeks and I get to start dressing up for tournaments again.

I bought these oxfords in Italy in one of their millions and millions of shoe boutiques. I checked the label to make sure that they were actually made in Italy before purchasing them. I know it says “JONAK Paris”, but the shoe is made in Italy. I’m not sure you can see it from the picture, but there are tiny gold flecks all along the tan suede, which I thought was a nice touch. I probably wouldn’t have gotten them had it not been for the gold flecks. They also had these shoes in dark gray, but I thought the sparkly flecks on the gray shoes weren’t as nice. These were relatively cheap as well; I believe they were around 40-50 euros.

I got these flats in the same boutique as I got the sparkly black pair of heels (see first picture). I like how it’s a velvet-y navy blue since I don’t own any shoes in that color. Navy blue goes well with practically any type of bottom, including jeans and skirts.

I wore these flats to the National Forensics League Nationals Tournament this summer, and a lot of the girls there liked these shoes. Usually flats chafe the backs of my feet, but these ones don’t, so I can walk around in them during a long day of debate.

Plus, the glitter complements the sparkly bow nicely. There’s also a hidden heel, which is an extra A+, as I definitely need the boost. The hidden heel is pictured below:

I just had to put this on to show the full effect of the stretchy black bands. This pair of heels is the most comfortable pair of heels I own. Usually after a couple of hours of walking in heels, my toes start to hurt and my arches start to ache. But because these shoes are made out of the stretchy black bands, I don’t feel anything at all. I wore these heels clubbing once, and my feet didn’t hurt at ALL, even though we were walking around outside and I may or may not have been slightly tipsy.

These shoes remind me of those Herve Leger bandage skirts. I recently got one over the summer (well, my mom did anyway. I’m sure she’ll share with me), and I plan on wearing these heels with it. Below is another view of this comfy heel:

I’ll upload more of my shoe pictures in the future. Cheers.


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