How To Save: Hand Me Downs

I find that parents are a great source of “new” or vintage clothing. Firstly, my parents have so many clothes that they wouldn’t notice if anything went missing (not that I would steal from them), and they don’t wear their old clothes (kind of like me), so I can basically just ask for anything they don’t use. Or they offer to give it to me.

My mom is the best sources of “new” clothes. Sometimes the clothes are actually new.

Ralph Lauren: My mom got this about two summers ago and never wore it. Apparently, my dad pressured her into getting it even though she didn’t really like it, so she gave it to me. I love this cami. The lace is delicate and it’s the perfect dark gray color. I wore it once to a forensics tournament, but that was it. I plan to wear it casually too, perhaps with jeans.


BCBG girls: My mom likes BCBG just as much as I do, although I think I like it more than she does now. I wanted the denim jacket after I got back from the US, so I was miserable that I couldn’t have one until next summer. Then I decided to look in her closet, which is where I found this. Most of the jackets my mom has, such as leather ones, don’t fit me, but this was XS, so I could wear it.


Armani: My mom doesn’t wear gloves, so I took these. These are the best gloves ever. The leather is soft and supple and the lining is smooth and warm.

BCBG: This was purchased this summer, but I can’t see my mom wearing it. I like it because it’s kind of like a wrap cardigan. The sequins in the back are understated but there, which makes this sweater wearable.

Surprisingly, I get many things from my dad. All of them Burberry, for some odd reason.

Burberry sweater: This is my dad’s old Burberry sweater. I’ve never seen him wear it, but my mom decided to give it to me when he didn’t want to anymore. This is really soft inside and I love wearing it at home. I can imagine myself wearing it outside too, but I haven’t done that yet.

Burberry Scarves: The blue scarf is my favorite scarf ever. It’s really soft, since it’s cashmere, and it’s big too. The scarf is great for cold days. It’s like snuggling with a favorite blanket. The second scarf wasn’t really my dad’s (it would be extremely weird if it was), but because my dad bought it for me, I put it under this category. What I really wanted was a camel colored classic Burberry scarf. Instead, I got this pink fringed scarf. At first, I didn’t really like it, mostly because of the fringe. However, after wearing it, I found it looked good if I didn’t focus too much on the fringy ness of it.

Okay, I also get some things from my sister, such as my jeggings, which I already blogged about before. I also got this gray hoodie from Limited Too from her. I remember I used to have one, and it was my favorite because it was soft and comfortable and gray matches everything, but I lost it. Then my sister got this and I had to have it. Considering the number of things I give to her, the most she could do is reciprocate my kindness and give me stuff too.


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