Sky High

I like shoes just as must as the next person, but if I had to choose between clothes or shoes and bags, I would have to pick clothes. The reason is that I don’t need that many shoes, since I always end up wearing only one or two pairs depending on the season. However, that doesn’t stop me from thinking about, talking about, or buying shoes.

I love wearing heels. It makes me taller (at barely 5’4’’ that is a real plus) and it instantly makes any outfit look better. My favorite brand of shoes would be Steve Madden- they make the best of everything, especially heels.

I got this pair at Ross for under twenty dollars. They are the best buy I’ve ever made. Not only are they Steve Madden, but they are also comfortable, sturdy, and attractive. If I’m only taking one pair of heels to college, this is it.


These are my first heels and one of my favorites. The purple satin material is amazing and according to some people, they are “fierce”. The only problem is that they are about five inches tall and makes walking very slow and uncomfortable after a few hours.


Yet another pair of Steve Madden heels, I bought these because they were black and I needed black heels. Unfortunately, they are half a size too small and really hurt my feet. I’m starting to think I’ll probably never wear these.

I got these wedge heels at Nordstrom Rack, my favorite store to look for shoes. They also came in a bright blue, which I later saw online at Nordstrom for full price. These are comfortable and sturdy, but I don’t have many opportunities to wear them.

This is another great purchase. I got them in Beijing for 100 yuan, so around $12 USD. This heel is amazing. It combines four trends, lace up, oxford, cut out, and peep toe, in one stunning heel. The material is a nice suede and gray, absolutely perfect for matching anything. If only I could wear heels every day.


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