How To Save: Saving Using the Internet

The Internet is an exceptionally good tool for just about everything, including shopping. By shopping on the internet, you can save yourself both time and money. If you want a particular style, say “motocycle style leather jacket” or “cowl neck sweater”, you should use shopstyle. At shopstyle, you type in whatever it is you want, and all the clothing /accessory/shoe items that include the words in the name will turn up from all different brands and websites. This allows you to compare style and prices without visiting each and every site. Shopstyle has saved me loads of time. This is a total lifesaver. Before I buy anything online, I check out this website first. is a website where people share discount codes that basically always work. With the exception of American Eagle, which offers it’s own discount codes, I have gotten extra discounts on every single store. (this only works online) Sign up for regular emails twice or once a week. You pick brands from a giant list and every week, they send email(s) alerting you to clearance items of the brands you’ve picked from the different websites (also chosen by you). Although I usually don’t find stuff I want from the emails, the pictures are always nice to look at. For compulsive shoppers with their own credit cards, maybe this isn’t a good idea, but for the rest of us, it’s great. One day, I was dutifully scrolling through the pictures shopittome sent me when, what was that? a C&C California fleece blazer marked down from over $100 dollars to just $30? From then on, I’ve carefully looked through the emails that shopittome sends me.

Saving Time: If there is a particular item that you want from a certain store, you can check to see if it is instock from the store’s website. This saves you time from running to each and every store at every mall before you find what you are looking for. In fact, why not just order online and have everything sent right to your doorstep? This way, you avoid lines, crowds, and pushy salespeople. Of course, the only detriment to this is that you can’t try clothes on, although if you live close to the store, you can always return the items. If not, then you should probably get to know the store pretty well before buying stuff online.




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