Velvet, Lace, and Satin

I love the classic, ballet style way of dressing, which is why I’m drawn to flowy, soft materials in pale pinks, dusty roses, and dark neutral colors. I’m attracted to more feminine clothes with delicate details, such as eyelet and ruffles. When I wear these, however, I like pairing them with “tougher” clothes and materials, like denim and leather. Velvet Tank: I bought this velvet tank top from Abercrombie last spring, but I haven’t had a chance to wear it. It’s semi sheer, so I have to wear another shirt inside it. The stripes are made of velvet and the tank is surprisingly fitted (and hard to put on), although it looks flowy. I’m prepared to pair this with a pair of gray skinny jeans and flats/boots. I’m going to wear this when the weather gets a little cooler.

Velvet Shorts: The picture isn’t very attractive, but the shorts are short and fitted. These are good for pairing under skirts in the summer. In the winter, I plan to pair them over tights or leggings; they are also party-worthy. The only problem is that they are a little short.

Lace Shrug: I got this lace shrug at the only Abercrombie outlet I’ve ever been to in my life for only $17 dollars. I needed a shrug to pair over skimpy tank tops or dresses. It’s a bit formal for school, so I’m waiting for the right opportunity to wear it. I like how the lace is in layers and looks a little deconstructed.

Lace Sweater: This Forever 21 sweater was on sale for around $5 or $6 dollars, so I had to buy it. Of course, it helps that I love this sweater, even though I haven’t worn it yet. The lace is only in the front and in the back, there is a half zipper. The lace dresses up an otherwise plain sweater, and I like how the design is subtle and understated.

Lace Legging (Abercrombie): These are so lacy it’s almost indecent to wear them. The leggings have stretch, so it’s easy to put on and off. I’ve worn these once so far with a pair of black shorts. I guess the outfit was a success, because I got my picture taken, which resulted in an invite to this exclusive invitation only membership to an online Chinese social networking group for the young and rich (all this information is from the internet and Google translate). Unfortunately, I don’t read Chinese, so I couldn’t really make full use of this offer. I plan to wear them next with a black or gray dress and heels.


Lace Tank Top: I got this a few summers ago at Abercrombie (Sophie has the same one). I had straps added to mine, although the tailor screwed up and I have to take them back to be adjusted. The colors are hard to match with any jacket, so it’s good that I bought a heather colored cardigan this summer that matches the lace. I really like this tank top, but I can’t wear it often, firstly because it looks a little formal, and secondly because it’s long, and I don’t like wearing tops that are too long.

Satin Shorts: I have three pairs in different colors. I think they are very cute and I plan to use them as sleepwear. They are also formal and loose enough to wear normally, except I have to be careful how I do this. This color is probably my favorite color, a dusty rose. I’m always looking for shoes and clothes in this color.

Ruffle skirt: This is from a year ago, from Backless. I used to only wear them only to formal events, until I realized that I needed to wear this more often. That’s when I started wearing it with a long cardigan to school and to my internship. It is a little see through, but I can easily fix that problem by wearing a pair of black shorts or tights underneath.

Ruffle back Vest: I bought this with my mom at a Barneys outlet. It wasn’t very cheap, but I liked it so much, plus I didn’t have any vests then. It’s knitted and charcoal gray, which makes it good for matching just about anything.



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