Sequins, Corsets, and Bandage

I’ve already gone over the more ballet-ey and understated side of my wardrobe, so here is my flashy, bad-girl side. I absolutely adore all sequin dresses, but seeing as how I’m not a celebrity, I can’t exactly wear those dresses- not even to prom. I am also currently addicted to corsets. It’s surprising how difficult it is to find a cheap corset that isn’t designer. With corsets, it’s very easy to look slutty, but far more difficult to look classy and put together. If I buy any dress or top from now on, it has to be corset (I’m sure I can make a few exceptions for myself though). I love bandage as well. My dream dress would probably be a thousand dollar Herve Leger dress that I will probably have to buy myself when I get a job. Those dresses look amazing on practically everyone and they are just so unbelievably attractive.

Sequin Tank: My sister gave me this tank top that one of my mother’s friends gave her. The first time she offered this to me, I didn’t take it, because sequins aren’t really my style normally. The second time, I decided to try it on, and to my immense surprise, I loved it. The sequins are really subtle, because they are the same color as the tank top, so I think I can wear it to school. If not to school, than at least out to shopping or to eating with my friends.


Sequin Tank 2: (Abercrombie) I have no idea why I bought this. I should’ve realized I would never have the opportunity to wear it. The only reason it still resides in my closet is because it looks really good on. I like how it’s asymmetrical with the little knot on the side. The only complaint, other than the fact that I can’ t wear it,  is that the back is twisted. It’s designed to look like that, but every time I try it on, I always try to untangle it until I realize it’s supposed to be like that.


Sequin Tank 3: This I got from the Italian chain store, Motivi. They have this store in Shanghai, but I didn’t find anything I liked there. I’ve worn this about twice, once to a party, and once clubbing. It looks really thin in the picture, but it’s supposed to be a bubble tank top.

Satin Corset: Technically, this doesn’t have inside boning or structure, so it isn’t a corset, but because I had this made based on a corset style, I’m counting it as one. I like the color and layering of this top very much, but I was sorely disappointed by how this turned out. It’s difficult to put on, since the zipper doesn’t go all the way and it looks weird unless it’s tucked into a high waisted skirt.

Corset Dress: Probably one of my favorite dresses, it used to be strapless before I had the straps added. The top is actually corseted with boning inside, although you can’t tell from here. I bought this online from American Eagle, and it turned out great. There is tulle on the inside to give the skirt more volume. The top is tight and structured while the bottom is loose; it’s pretty much the perfect dress. The only regret I had is that I had bought more, that way I could cut the skirt off the dress and have a perfect corset top.

Lace back Corset: Again, not exactly a real corset, but based on one. This turned out much, much better than the pink one, because it’s easy to take off. The front is a plain, slightly shimmery gray, and the back is lace up. It looks great tucked into a skirt or paired with jeans too.

Bandage Dress: I was so excited when I found this dress for under a hundred dollars at the BCBG outlet. This is probably the closest I can get to Herve Leger as well, since it is the same designer. Many dresses I find don’t fit me well, but this was great, because it hugs the body. The metallic silver is great for dances or formals, and I found out Dree Hemingway has the same dress (seen in Teen Vogue). I tried on a brown satin bandage dress along with this one, but that one didn’t fit as well, probably because satin doesn’t have elastic.

Bandage Skirt: This is from a Forever 21 in Kansas City this summer. It was really cheap; originally, I was looking for a black skirt with the same style, but then I realized I had too many black skirts. I’m quite happy with this skirt and it’s longer than it looks. The only problem is that it’s a little see through, and I can’t wear it with shorts because it’s tight. I’ll have to wait until tights season to wear it.



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