All Things Wrap

I love wrap things, especially wrap jewelry. I’ve bought a few of my own and gotten a few from my mom and dad. Technically, not all of the bracelets below are wrap style, but I decided to include them in the post because they all kind of fit together.

Kidada by Disney Couture: This is probably my favorite piece of jewelry in my entire minimal collection. I liked practically all the wrap bracelets by Kidada (Rashida Jones’ sister, for those of you who didn’t know), but I settled on this one from Ebay, because the seller took really good pictures. This was also the very first Kidada item I ever saw in my life in Seventeen magazine many years ago. It also came with the 17 charm for Seventeen magazine, but I think I forgot it came with the package and threw it away.


George Jensen: These are Splash bracelets, hence the little splash charm clasp. My dad bought these from Japan, presumably because they were on sale. I like the purple one better, because it wraps around twice and it’s a more original color. The only problem with these is that the clasp almost always comes undone, so I have to be careful not to lose it every time I wear it.  For jewelry so expensive, I have to say I’m very disappointed by the quality.


Tods: I don’t even know where this came from, but my mom gave it to me since she never wore it. I’m not sure I’m too excited about the little purse charms, but I like the burnt orange color and the wrap style.

Coach: These Coach bangles are also from my mom. They are really nice leather with gold studs and are also easy to slip on and off. I don’t usually wear bangles (I have a whole stack from Banana Republic), but these are just too nice to pass off.

Tods: This leather bangle is also from Tods and also burnt orange. It’s very nicely fitted, but I don’t like the style of the clasp too much.

Unknown: I don’t know what brand the silver bracelet is from, because I got it from my mom. The two leather bracelets actually came as part of a watch set, but I broke the watch when I dropped it on the ground. However, I kept these two to use as bracelets. So far, I haven’t worn any of them, since I already wear a watch every day, but they do look nice.



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