My Daily Arnesal Beauty Products

I hardly ever wear makeup unless I’m going out. Even when I do go out, I never use foundation or blush- I don’t even own those products. My daily arsenal of products includes concealer, perfume of some kind, sometimes mascara, Benefit 10, and occasionally Benefit high beam. When I’m going out, I use eye liner, but rarely eye shadow. Here are some of my favorite beauty products.

I like volumous and lengthening mascara, but I can usually only find volumizing mascara in stores. I have more than two brands of mascara, but my favorite ones are the free Benefit Bad Girl mascara that I got from the points in my beauty bank, and the classic Maybelline Big Lash mascara. The Benefit mascara is actually a plum color and the Maybelling mascara really volumizes my lashes.

I’ve found that only Sephora eyeliners work well for me, because they blend smoothly and are easy to apply. I like the thicker eyeliners, because the skinny small ones tend to be hard and really sharp. There is also a hint of sparkle in the chubby liners, and I’m never afraid I’m going to poke my eyes out with these.

The only concealer I use is Maybelline concealer. I can never find my skin tone in the Neutrogena or Cover girl concealers, because they are always either too light or too dark. You might be wondering why one of the concealers is green; I have a green one because green hides redness better than flesh toned concealers.

I have many eye shadows, mostly from my mom, some for free and some as gifts. These are the only two eye shadows I’ve ever purchased myself, which is why I suppose they are my favorites. The gold, glittery eye shadow I bought especially for the school Formal and I haven’t used it since. It’s such a beautiful color though, so I definitely have to find more opportunities for it. The dark gray eye shadow, which every girl should own, is for creating smoky eye look.

(products described from left to right)


The following products don’t really have anything in common; I just grouped them together because it worked well. The first one is the Benefit high beam. From the name, you can probably tell that it highlights. Highlighter is supposed to be used under the brow bones, on the cupid’s bow, on the tops of cheekbones, and on the bridge of your nose. The highlighter doesn’t really show up, once it’s blended into the skin, but under certain lights, it will be shimmery. This bottle was kind of expensive, but there is so much High Beam that I think I can use it for at least two years.

Bio Oil is an Australian product. It smells delicious and it is used for moisturizing. I put a few drops in my lotion and it makes skin super soft. If I have really dry areas, I can also dab some of the oil on that.

I bought the L’Occitane  solid perfume this summer in Green Tea. I was deciding between Green Tea and Rose, both smelled divine, but I ended up with Green Tea. Next summer, I plan to go back and buy all the solid perfumes and another one of these. This is the perfect summer fragrance, because it’s clean and light, unlike most perfumes. It is also small and light (as in weight wise), so it’s easy to carry around and to reapply whenever. For those of you who are wondering how to pronounce L’Occitane, I asked a storekeeper this summer and she said it’s pronounced (Lo-see-tawn), which makes a lot of sense. Now I can say the brand/store name without embarrassing myself.


Benefit 10: This is another highlighting product, especially for bringing out cheekbones. Being Asian, I don’t really have visible cheekbones, unless I suck in my cheeks really hard like a fish. This powder is a mixture of two of Benefit’s box powders (Dandelion and a Bronzer). The pink powder is subtle and glimmers really nicely alone and the bronzer creates shadows to bring out cheekbones.

These are just a few of the many beauty products I own. I’m definitely going to post more on the other, just as great, but lesser used items.



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