Birthdays + Bargaining

So as I mentioned in my previous post, it was our friend M‘s birthday. Even though we stayed out until around 2AM on Friday (or Saturday morning), Steph and I felt strangely energetic Saturday morning. After frosting the cupcakes beautifully (see previous post), we headed out to lunch with M at the Mexican Kitchen.

Of course, in typical M fashion, she was around half an hour late. But whatever. I don’t know why I expect her to show up on time every single time we hang out. The one time she wasn’t late, she made me arrive half an hour early. She told me that there was going to be “crazy traffic” and advised me to leave an hour early. We showed up way before the event started like two losers.

Anyway, after lunch we spent a while at the bookstore, which has a great selection of imported books but is also ridiculously expensive. We had fun looking up our personal horoscopes and picking out random books that we thought would be a good birthday present for T (an overweight 24 (soon to be 25) year old man). Among our top picks were Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul, A Virgin’s Lover, and Low-Fat Cooking.

I bought a box of Cinnamon Honey Oats after lunch, picked out all of the granola bunches, and then gave the cereal part to my brother. After going an hour-long run, I went back to Steph’s house, where we proceeded to head to Yashow, the infamous bargain clothes market in China notorious for selling fake goods. The smell of fake clothes/bags/shoes is a little headache-inducing, but usually hot European tourist boys are there, so it’s worth it.

I’ve been really into scarves lately, and I wanted to be sure that I didn’t buy anything I would regret later. When I buy stuff at Yashow, I usually never wear it ever again. I find that scarves can dress up any outfit, even if you’re just wearing a t-shirt or something. I wanted this gorgeous velvet scarf that was royal-blue with a sea-green shimmer, but unfortunately, the shopkeeper and I couldn’t agree on a price (I said 20kuai, he said 35. 20kuai is roughly $3). I decided that I didn’t want the scarf TOO badly (not enough to spend $3, so clearly I didn’t want it that much) and went to another store and bought a mint-green summery scarf for only 10kuai (about $1.50). That was worth it. I would upload a picture, but the color didn’t turn out quite right in the picture. It turned out a light blue instead of the gorgeous mint-green that it is. I wanted a knitted infinity scarf, but the first one that I saw wasn’t a nice material, the second one wasn’t the right length, the third one wasn’t the right color, and the last one was too big and woolly for me to wear, though it looked ideal sitting on the table.

After seeing this super attractive Korean boy at school wearing a long cardigan, I decided I wanted one too, even if it is for boys. Another less attractive boy at school has a similar cardigan (that he wears EVERYDAY in different colors), but that’s different. Eventually, I found a cardigan in a similar style:

It’s slightly long, but still fitted, and I bought it for 70kuai ($10). The shopkeeper’s asking price was 250kuai (about $35), but after pretending to walk away about a million times, she finally gave in. Even though I paid less than a third of the asking price, I still feel like I paid too much.

My mom’s always wanted me to get one of those LeSportsac print bags, but I’ve never wanted one because those types of prints have never appealed to me. However, recently Yashow has been selling Harajuku Lovers’ bags, and ALL of the prints were ADORABLE. I kind of wanted all of them, especially this little beach bag and another winter wonderland scene, but eventually I settled on a green shoulder bag with a mermaid print. It’s so cute and I’m thinking of using it as an airplane bag. When we were walking around, I noticed this little bright bunch of strawberries. I thought they were cute, so I decided I wanted one. Steph pointed out that they were actually recyclable bags, and we got all excited so we bought two for only 5kuai each (less than $1). Aren’t they adorable?

Lastly, what would any outing be without pictures of our outfits? Steph and I were both going to dress up, but after my run, I felt like it was too hot to wear tights. Also, my tights were in the laundry anyway, so I couldn’t wear them. Steph is on the left and I am on the right:

What I’m wearing (even though it’s a super casual outfit): Blue and white striped shift from Splendid, belt from Nordstrom’s, denim shorts from Hollister, flats from a Chinese boutique (see Shoes, Shoes, Shoes post), coin purse from Michael Kors (see Inside my Closet) post, and sunglasses from…Claire’s.

I thought that M‘s party wasn’t going to be fun, but it was actually surprisingly entertaining. I was kind of sad to go. I realized that going out two days in a row made the weekend seem super long, when they normally feel like they fly by ridiculously fast.

Unfortunately, M is on the Atkin’s diet, so the “chocolate” cake that we had was gluten-free and flour-free. It tasted like crap. Like literally, like crap. It was dry and the texture kind of reminded me of dog food. I think once you eat marshmallow-Oreo-vanilla-red velvet cupcakes, gluten-free, flour-free cake isn’t even an option.

Anyway, October break is coming up soon (next week). I’m sure I’ll have tons of more fun times with Steph and M to write about. I have to get around to explaining the whole story of T someday. I can’t believe it’s gotten so complicated and convoluted over the past few months. Anyway, it’s soon to come! Cheers.


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