Favorite Models

With New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week already in the past with two more left to go, I thought that a post on models would be appropriate. Sometimes we focus so much on the designers and celebrity models that we forget about the other people who make fashion shows possible- the models. It seems appalling to me that the models, including Coco Rocha, featured in Time Magazine, weren’t even given mentioned (and they were on the cover!). Since I started noticing models, I can pretty much recognize by name every model in the ads and pick out the more famous models in a runway line up.

1)      Coco Rocha

Coco Rocha is my all-time favorite model and person. In fact, she is one of only two role models I have (the other being ichthyologist Eugenie Clark). One thing I love about Coco is her dedication to her fans, with her daily tweeting, Facebook pictures, and blog posts. Not only is she gorgeous and unafraid to take risks, but she also seems like a genuinely nice and funny person. She has hosted many shows and has acted as fashion correspondent for E! Canada at the Grammys and most recently, the VMAs.  I adore finding Coco in my magazines and online, and I hope to see more of her modeling for Victoria’s Secret. The only complaint I have is that I can never find her magazine covers in the United States!


2)      Miranda Kerr

Probably one of the most beautiful people I know (not know know), Miranda Kerr always looks stunning. I approve of her marriage and future child with Orlando Bloom and she also takes the time to talk to fans through Facebook and Twitter. My favorite Victoria’s Secret model and Australian.

3)      Karlie Kloss

Karlie is pretty close to my own age and she’s accomplished so much. I’ve followed her from her first Teen Vogue cover to her ads for Hermes, Dior, and second solo Teen Vogue Cover. She is also unbelievably tall, even for a model!

4)      Carmen Kass

Carmen Kass is very pretty and the classically gorgeous type of person. I was surprised ato find that although she never graduated from high school in her native Estonia, she has been extremely successful. She is part owner of a modeling agency, has played the female lead in an Estonian movie, and was elected president of the Estonian National Chess League.

5) Lily Donaldson

Currently one the faces of Burberry and one of the most famous and coveted models in the United Kingdom, Lily Donaldson has had many Vogue covers and has walked for some of the famous designers.

6)      Alessandra Ambrosio

Yet another Victoria’s Secret model, Alessandra just supports my belief that Brazil has the most attractive people in the world. 

7)      Kendra Spears

I like Kendra partly because she is also from Washington state, and she juggles school (University of Washington) with her modeling career, similar to Karlie Kloss. She has often been compared to a young Cindy Crawford and I couldn’t agree more.

8) Chanel Iman

I admire Chanel for how far she’s come, as she’s half African American and half Korean, a rare combination in the modeling industry. She has also had two Teen Vogue covers (though none of them solo). She’s also the newest addition to the Victoria’s Secret team and her name is just amazing.



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