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Angry Blogging: Why I Hate Apple Products

Usually I’m not one to vent my frustrations out on the internet, but this time, I’m really angry. I’ve wasted hours of my time because of Apple. I’m sick of it and I need to release that pent-up anger somewhere. … Continue reading

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Having lived abroad for so many years, I’ve found it helpful to compile lists of stuff that I need/want to purchase. These lists are helpful in narrowing down exactly what I need; tracking prices, and keeping a record of what … Continue reading

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How To Save: Smart Shopping

I myself am guilty of overspending and making unnecessary purchases. If my closet full of never worn items is any indication, I need to start thinking before handing over the credit card. It’s difficult to go to the mall and … Continue reading

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Clothing Haul

It’s the beginning of October break, a whole ten days of glorious freedom and spare time. I plan to exercise a lot during break with yoga ball and/or horseback riding every day. I also plan to finish editing and writing … Continue reading

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How To Save: Clothes To Save On

 I’ve already gone over the Best Buys and stuff, but what are the items that you want, but really don’t need? I’ll admit that I’ve fallen victim to the shopping moment and gotten completely carried away with buying tons of … Continue reading

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Nails, Nails, Nails!

I don’t usually paint my fingernails, as it takes too much time and my nails grow too fast for me to maintain a nice looking manicure for more than a couple days. However, seeing as how it is October break, … Continue reading

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Best Dressed List for the Week

I know that Teen Vogue posts a weekly celebrity best dressed list on their website every week, but sometimes I feel like their choices are a little off. Just because something is completely over the top does not mean that … Continue reading

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