Best Dressed List for the Week

I know that Teen Vogue posts a weekly celebrity best dressed list on their website every week, but sometimes I feel like their choices are a little off. Just because something is completely over the top does not mean that it is fashionable. So, I decided to make my own list. I love the daily People Style Watch poll, so I admit that a lot of my outfits are taken from there. However, I usually am biased in my voting – most of the time I vote for whoever is prettier or younger.  Anyway, these pictures aren’t ranked in order, and while most of them are recent, not ALL of them are.

1. Nicole Richie

Most people on Style Watch voted this outfit as a “miss”, but I love her velvet shorts. While I admit that they don’t work for everyone, I think that Nicole pulls them off and accessorizes them nicely with her striped shirt and round Chanel half-tint sunglasses. I remember when Nicole Richie was just that anorexic girl who happened to be Paris Hilton’s sidekick, and look at her now. I love the way she dresses and I love her Winter Kate collection, which the velvet shorts and her blazer happen to be from.







2. Selena Gomez



Okay, so this was also one of the misses on People Style Watch. However, while I’m not a big fan of the black bow, I do love the embellished leggings. I like how she lets the leggings take the spotlight by pairing them with an understated black shirt and clean accessories. 

A side note: This photo was taken at the launch party for Cheryl Cole’s ring line, Promises, which I can’t wait to see. Chezza always has great taste.






3. Whitney Port

I love everything about this outfit, from the sequined blazer to the nude-colored dress to the black booties. Of course, it helps that Whitney Port has the perfect model legs for the dress. Ever since I started watching The City, I’ve been paying more attention to what Whitney wears. She has a great sense of style on the show, but it’s just so frustrating that all the hot guys are seemingly interested in her but her relationships never seem to work out. I mean, what happened to Jay?? He was totally into her. And that model, Alex (or was it Adam?)?? I felt so bad for him when she left his party with Jay. And she NEEDS to learn how to stand up to Olivia. I know there was that one episode where Olivia didn’t show up for that Elle magazine interview and Whitney got mad, but that was it. Whitney, you deserve so much better, girlfriend. (I realize that this has degenerated into a rant about Whitney’s reality show and not her outfit in this picture.)


4. Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has certainly changed over the past year or so (understatement). Along with her attitude, her style has definitely evolved as well. Gone are the innocent flared jeans and polka-dot dresses for barely-there shorts, biker boots, and sheer lacy tops. However, I like the boho-feel of this flowy dress (which is unusually demure for racy Miley) and the gold-studded bag. Plus, her shoes are similar to the black bandage-y shoes I own, so that’s an extra plus. If Miley only dressed like this more often. She looks much better and less Taylor Momsen-esque.







5. Nicole Richie

I realize that I already have a picture of Nicole Richie, but I just loved her jacket in this picture so much that I couldn’t resist putting her in my list again. I love the winged detailing on the shoulders of Nicole’s metallic jacket (from Marc Jacobs) and her Winter Kate dress inside. A+.











6. Emma Roberts

 Usually I like what Emma Roberts wears, and her outfit is pretty much trendy and fashionable as usual, but look at those leopard-print shoes! I can’t decide if they’re hideous or fierce, but right now I’m going to go with FIERCE just because they’re different and look good with her outfit. They’re from Topshop and I kind of want a pair for myself. In other news, I like her scarf. I am definitely a scarf person. The other day, Judy asked me exactly how many scarves I own. I have no answer.



7. Rachel Bilson

I think Rachel Bilson has fabulous taste, and her outfit in this photo is testament to that. If I saw her blouse hanging on a rack by itself, I probably wouldn’t even think to look at it. However, the way that she paired it with her leather shorts makes it instantly wearable and less matronly than it could be. It’s kind of cool how her caramel highlights match the detailing on the blouse. Her leather booties are also fabulous as well.








8. Taylor Swift

I love Taylor Swift’s music (although I wish she would stop writing so many love songs), but I usually think her style is kind of blah. Don’t get me wrong, it’s totally cute, but it’s pretty much the same. She usual sticks to floral prints for streetwear and sparkly minidresses for the red carpet, but I like her outfit a whole lot in this picture because of her white cardigan (which looks fluffy and soft without being puffy) and her bright, turquoise shoes that liven up her otherwise sweet and bland outfit. While I like the color of her shoes, I don’t care much for the wooden heel. I also like the way the floral print of the bag matches the floral detailing on her pink dress. Taylor Swift is just so sweet and demure – I wonder if we’ll ever get to see badass Taylor. 





9. Cameron Diaz

This isn’t exactly a fashion-forward outfit, but this is definitely a very wearable ensemble. I love the worn-in feel to her flared jeans and the way she makes a simple striped 3/4-length shirt look good. Her white quilted Chanel bag is a nice touch as well. I think I really need a pair of flared jeans that are nicely distressed like that – the flared jeans that I have are too flared for me to wear to school.








10. Blake Lively

Individually, the pieces that comprise this outfit are nothing special, particularly the bright yellow vest. However, put together and accessorized, the outfit is young and classy. I like her bright blue bag (from Mulberry) and her oxfords. While her accessories are understated, they’re clearly carefully chosen to ensure that they don’t clash with the bright yellow of the vest or steal the spotlight. I especially love the boho-feel to her bracelets.

For some reason, this isn’t a very Serena van der Woodsen-y outfit, even though Blake is on the set of Gossip Girl. I feel like Serena would wear more bohemian, flowy outfits. Either way, I like it.

I’ll try to do these types of lists more often, though it takes forever to load these pictures, especially on this dumb Mac computer. This is why I’m pro-PC. Cheers.



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