Pretty Wild

I remember watching some previews for Pretty Wild a while ago, but it wasn’t until recently that I watched (and finished in two days), the nine episode first season. I tend not to watch shallow reality shows, mostly because I don’t have time, but also because they are a waste of time.

I have to admit, however, that Pretty Wild was a pretty good show. It was also appealing because of the fact that the entire show could be finished in a little over three hours. Despite the fact that the girls, Alexis, Tess, and Gabrielle, can act stupid sometimes, I was amazed by the close relationships and lack of barriers among the family members, especially between Alexis and Tess. I admire how their mother and the rest of the family adopted Tess; you couldn’t even tell Tess wasn’t related unless you knew.

Out of the entire family, I like Gabrielle the most, as she is the most serious and mature. Tess and Alexis are a little bit to exposed, what with the changing on camera and nude photo shoots in the bathroom. I worry about Alexis and Tess’s education (I don’t worry too much about Gabrielle, now that she goes to school), but it seems like they are making a living out of media, fame, and their parents’ money.

Tess is actually a good dancer and is very flexible and Alexis apparently taught yoga, so I suppose they have talents that can be put to good use. One annoying factor is all the crying and complaining, but overall, the show is very entertaining and I seriously hope that the show is renewed for another season.




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