Nails, Nails, Nails!

I don’t usually paint my fingernails, as it takes too much time and my nails grow too fast for me to maintain a nice looking manicure for more than a couple days. However, seeing as how it is October break, I decided I would wisely use this time to try different nail colors (and write my college application essays).

Firstly, I’ll introduce my most used nail colors. My favorite brand of nail polish is OPI. I only use a few colors, so price isn’t really an objection. Plus, I can use a bottle for a few years, as I have yet to run out.

My favorite nail color is OPI Kiss On The Chic (middle bottle). This is a pale pink color that doesn’t show up unless you use about two or three coats. It’s my favorite color and works great with a French manicure.

The bottle on the left is OPI Aphrodite’s Pink Nightie. I wasn’t originally going to buy this color (I was looking for a coral nail polish), but I decided to go with this rose pink. I use this nail polish when I’m looking for a darker color, as opposed to the pale pink above.

The bottle on the right is OPI Princesses Rule!. It’s from the fabulous OPI Diamond Dust collection that has been discontinued, making me very disappointed. The Diamond Dust line is amazing, because the nail polish has little sparkly flecks in them. This color is great layered over any other nail polish or by itself.

The dark bottle is actually a deep purple color, OPI Yes.. I Can-Can. I was looking for a dark navy color when I found this on sale, so I bought it. Dark nail polishes are hard to apply, because they clump and streak, which is why more than one coat is always necessary. I used this color on my nails today for the first time and I am pleased with the results, although I had to apply very carefully. The color looks dark, almost black, but on closer inspection, one can tell it is a very dark purple.

The clear nail polish by Sally Hansen is a must as a top and base coat. I always apply clear nail polish before colored nail polish to prevent staining and I use it as a top coat to prevent chipping. This nail polish isn’t good by itself, because it starts chipping and scratching almost immediately, so I need to buy a new one, most likely OPI.

This is a set of cotton swabs, balls, and Qtips I bought at a dollar store for… a dollar! It contains all the essentials for removing nail polish and fixing mistakes. It’s also easily refillable and a neat way of keeping all my cleaning supplies.

I use Sally Hansen nail polish remover. I can’t rate this, because I’ve never used a different remover, but I can tell you this one does work effectively. I just dump some on a cotton ball (never use tissues) and my polish comes right off.

Right now, I’m looking to buy a white polish so I can give myself French manicures and a sparkly gold polish. I also want a nude polish lighter than my pale pink one, but that can wait. I’m also excited to try navy and maybe a coral. In December, I’m going to order OPI for Sephora nail polish and test that out. I found a white nail polish that glows in the dark, so I’m definitely purchasing that!




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