Clothing Haul

It’s the beginning of October break, a whole ten days of glorious freedom and spare time. I plan to exercise a lot during break with yoga ball and/or horseback riding every day. I also plan to finish editing and writing all my college application essays, finish revising my extended essay for the IB diploma, and write my history essay on the Korean War. This may seem like a lot, because it is. I might not even finish, which would not be good. Apart from all that work, I will also have time to go out to the Bookworm, get my hair cut, eat out (a lot), go shopping again, and possibly go to the aquarium. I’m most excited about the aquarium, because I haven’t been to the one in Beijing since 7th grade.

Apart from all that, I also have more time for blogging, so I also got around to taking pictures of my purchases (they were in the wash over the weekend). Last weekend, I went shopping with Sophie before our friend’s birthday party at YaShow. I got a lot more than I’d planned, and although I didn’t technically need anything I purchased, I’m still very happy with my stuff.

Seafoam Colored Scarf:   This is probably my favorite clothing color (other than gray) and I’ve been looking for this color everywhere. I remember I saw a scarf this color on the Hollister website a few years ago, but I didn’t buy it. The scarf is very light and is perfect for spring/fall. It’s a little bit short, so I can only wear it in an undone style. It also has a great ruffle detail.

Purple Scarf:  This scarf is the same as the one above, only it is in purple. I saw Vanessa Hudgens with a purple scarf like this, and I thought the bright color looked great against the white shirt she was wearing. I got both scarves for 25 RMB, which is around 3-4 USD, so it was a great price. The only problem is that they look a little flimsy, so I don’t know how many rounds in the washing machine they can take.

Black Eternity Scarf:  This scarf is so big and squishy. This scarf also came in a very pretty light pink and a gray with gold woven in. I loved both the other scarves, but because the scarf is so big, I felt a more neutral color would be more appropriate. This scarf was 40 RMB/ 6-7 USD. I was figuring out different ways to wear this scarf, because it’s so big, and I realized that I can use it as a realistic looking sweater jacket and use it as a cozy blanket for the airplane. I also realized that I could drape the scarf over my head like an Arabian headscarf. I noticed the label is H&M, which for some reason, made me happy. When I go shopping over break, I fully intend to find that store (I have absolutely no idea where it is) and buy the other two scarves. They are great for cold weather.

The scarf is modeled by my dear stuffed animal, Lulu. You might be wondering where her eyes are (they got lost in a washing machine), but despite her blindness, I think she models the look quite well. You can see how the scarf is very big and cushy looking.


Gray Nylon Bag:

I was looking for a lightweight airplane bag. This bag is probably the lightest one I now own and it’s roomy, which is perfect. The same bag also came in jewel tone purple and blue, as well as black and a nice copper. I almost bought the copper one, but since this is for airplanes, I decided to buy a neutral gray.




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  1. sagemag says:

    Great scarves. I really need to get an infinity scarf now.

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