How To Save: Clothes To Save On

 I’ve already gone over the Best Buys and stuff, but what are the items that you want, but really don’t need? I’ll admit that I’ve fallen victim to the shopping moment and gotten completely carried away with buying tons of stuff that I didn’t need that just ended up sitting in my closet. Most of these clothes, I’ve only worn once on occasions that just don’t come around often.

Belts: I don’t know about most people, but I hardly, if ever, wear belts. Unless you buy your jeans or trousers two sizes too large, which is very stupid and highly unlikely, there is no need to wear belts, other than for fashion. Belts are so inconvenient to undo and redo when going to the bathroom (unless they are worn around the waist), so I really don’t see any need to buy many belts. Casual Dresses: Apart from the beach, I don’t have many occasions to wear my beachy casual dresses, and I assure you, I have many. Maybe buy one, or two, but because of my poor decision making skills from when I was younger, I have about five or six.

Clubbing Clothes: By clubbing clothes, I mean those bedazzled with rhinestones and sequins that flash and sparkle for attention. Unless you are a celebrity who has nothing better to do then club all day, you probably don’t need many of these items. An example is this Motivi top that I bought in Italy three years ago that I’ve only worn twice, once clubbing and once to a going away party. I like this top very much and it’s pretty, but the truth is, I can’t just wear it casually out with friends or to school. Formal

Dresses: I admit I’m a sucker for formal dresses. I love trying them on and just looking at them. I have many, many formal dresses that I have worn only once, or not ever. I don’t suppose it’s practical to buy only one and wear it at every single prom, so it’s a good idea to find cheaper formal dresses. Forever 21 is a great place to buy cheap, but expensive looking dresses. I got a $30 formal dress from Forever 21 and a $20 dollar dress that I wore to prom in Italy. BCBG is also a great place to get amazing formal dresses (Selena Gomez gets many red carpet dresses from BCBG). At the BCBG outlet stores, the dresses are always under $100 dollars, such as my silver bandage dress.

Sunglasses: I like trying on rows and rows of sunglasses, but the fact is you only really need one pair of good sunglasses in black or dark brown. Neutral sunglasses match every outfit and really only need to be worn outside on bright, sunny days. If I think about it, there aren’t many occasions where I’m outside on bright sunny days; I don’t even think about wearing sunglasses at night, no matter how cool it may look. Yes, there are many different styles of sunglasses, but a big, rectangular framed pair is perfect with everything.




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