How To Save: Smart Shopping

I myself am guilty of overspending and making unnecessary purchases. If my closet full of never worn items is any indication, I need to start thinking before handing over the credit card.

It’s difficult to go to the mall and not browse. In fact, why even go to the mall, if one isn’t going to look around? I’ve heard and read all sorts of tips, such as writing down a shopping list so you buy only what you need. Yes, I make lists of what I need and what I want, but when I’m actually in the store, I can’t help but look around. Making a list does help you focus your goals, but it doesn’t prevent browsing.

So what exactly do we do? I suppose one solution is to bring a limited amount of money (that’s never going to happen with me, but I think it could work). Before buying any item, I ask myself whether I really need the item or if I just want it. Most of the time, I just want it. If that is the case, then figure out how often you can wear it, when the right seasons to wear it in, and where you could wear it. Then figure out if it matches any other clothes you have at home. Try it on (I hate trying on clothes, but I have come to regret many purchases that don’t fit, or just look bad) and look out for comfort and size. Don’t buy anything that just barely fits, especially if you’re growing. This happened to me with a great pair of rhinestone pocket Paige jeans. I had to give them up within a year.

Most of the time, sale or clearance items are final sale, so in these cases, it is extremely important the purchases is well thought out. If you can return the item, then maybe you can buy it and take it home to think about it. That way, you can try on the purchases with other outfits. (just don’t cut the tags off, although I always do this because I can’t wait). Save all receipts, in case you need to return an item. 




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