Having lived abroad for so many years, I’ve found it helpful to compile lists of stuff that I need/want to purchase. These lists are helpful in narrowing down exactly what I need; tracking prices, and keeping a record of what I need to buy the next time I visit the US so I won’t forget. This wishlist isn’t essential stuff, rather, it is just stuff that I like, some of which I will purchase, and some of which I will not.

Alexander Wang Backpack: I saw this in Instyle magazine and I really liked this unconventional backpack. It’s made out of wool with velvet cloth that can be tied into a bow. I like anything velvet, especially bows, so of course I had to find this bag online. It turned out to be a lot harder to track down than I thought, but eventually, I found this on shopbop.com, which has everything. Of course, this isn’t really on my “to purchase” list, seeing as how it is close to $800 and I don’t really need it. I just liked the design.

J Brand Houlihan Cargo Pants: I get bored of wearing only jeans all fall/winter/spring. Sometimes I might mix it up and wear corduroy pants, trousers, velvet pants, or even (gasp!) white jeans. In the end, all my bottoms end up looking the same, which is why the J Brand pants are attractive to me. They are expensive and I haven’t spent that much on pants ever, but reading the glowing reviews on Nordstrom has made me rethink these; they would be an investment, after all.

Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner: This might seem odd, but I only recently discovered that I didn’t own black eyeliner. I only have a sparkly grey and a navy blue, but none of those colors can be substituted for trusty black eyeliner. I heard from a lot of people that Urban Decay 24/7 is really creamy and long lasting, so I took a look on the Sephora website only to discover that one eyeliner cost $17! Then I discovered the great deal of 9 eyeliners (travel size with one full size black eyeliner) for only $39, which is ridiculously cheap. That’s only less than $5 per eyeliner! This is a purchase I will definitely be making.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume: I’ve probably been coveting this perfume since it first came out, but I’ve been holding off on buying it until I can use up a little more of my other  three bottles. This is a great scent that I could never tire of and the bottle is just so adorable.

Acqua Di Gioia: The Acqua di Gio perfume is already a classic, which is why I was so excited when Acqua Di Gioia came out this year. I admit that I have yet to sample this perfume, but I already know that I’m going to love it, judging by the reviews and the scent description.

Giles and Brother Wrap Bracelet: I’ve already mentioned that I love all wrap things, so it’s no surprise I want this too.

Mathilde/ Lucien Bag Charms: I don’t really need bag charms, but these are the most adorable bag charms I have ever seen by Swarovski (not that I’ve seen that many bag charms). Although they are expensive now, I can wait until they are on sale or possibly buy them full price as an investment.

Mathilde/ Lulu Pendant: These are the same characters as the bag charms, but in pendant/jewelry form. These are even cuter, if possible, than the bag charms, and I can’t decide which one I would rather have. I guess I’ll have to buy both. Unfortunately, these are also pretty expensive, so I can’t get them now, otherwise they would already be in my jewelry case.




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