Angry Blogging: Why I Hate Apple Products

Usually I’m not one to vent my frustrations out on the internet, but this time, I’m really angry. I’ve wasted hours of my time because of Apple. I’m sick of it and I need to release that pent-up anger somewhere. And that somewhere, I’ve decided, is here.

A little less than three years ago, I got the new (at the time) iPod classic. At that time, I had a three-year old iPod mini, and that was beginning to die on me. So I was super excited to get the brand-new, sleek 80GB iPod classic.

Music and I are the best of friends. I use my iPod everywhere I go – literally everywhere. In the car, while I’m running, while I’m studying, while I’m at school, while I’m sleeping – I guess you could say my iPod is like a businessman’s Blackberry.

My iPod classic worked great. There were tiny glitches – like when I’d plug it in the computer, it would freeze – but that was no problem, as I’d just restart it and it would be all good. I mean, my iPod mini had way more problems – so these ones were trivial.

Yesterday, my iPod froze when I plugged it in, and instead of restarting like it normally did, it began turning on and off by itself. The Apple logo would appear for a few seconds, and then it would make a staticky sound and flash off. After hours of scanning online help rooms, I learned that I was supposed to put the iPod on disk mode, plug it into my computer, and restore it from there.

Well, I got into disk mode. I found the restore button. But then it said that my iPod couldn’t be restored due to an “unknown error.” Honestly, Apple – if it’s unknown to you, it’s even more unknown to me. Do you really expect me to figure out what your “unknown error” is? What laziness on your part, not even bothering to identify your own error. But nevertheless, I persisted, and figured out that I had to download the new iTunes and all software updates. I HATE downloading new things, ESPECIALLY iTunes, which comes out with a “latest version” about every week, because that means I have to restart my computer and open everything again – but I decided that it was worth it to rescue my iPod.

This morning before school, I frantically plugged in my iPod in the hopes that my efforts would work and I could once again listen to my music. It didn’t work. I even cried, which may be a little overdramatic, but really. It was just overwhelmingly frustrating.

I happened to have the luxury of having three study halls this morning – so after getting my work done, I looked up the number for the Apple Store nearest to me and tried to call them. Well, it turns out you can’t call the store directly – you have to press 1 for this, press 2 for this, press 3 for who knows what. I pressed the number for customer support, but they announced that I would have to wait three minutes. Three minutes, I thought. That’s okay.


I was still calling. Chinese, English, there was NO ONE on customer service available to help me. But I still waited. And called. I even went on the Apple website and found the number that would take me to iPod classic specialists – once I called that number, they gave me ANOTHER number to call – which didn’t work. Literally, it didn’t work. It was just a bad/wrong number.

Later, I called customer service again and this time, I did my homework while I was waiting. FINALLY, a woman picked up, and I was overjoyed. I had initially planned to complain about the wait, especially after hearing “Your call MATTERS to us” about a million times, but I refrained because all the anger had dissolved after hearing the woman’s voice. Finally, I would get help and everything would be okay.

Obviously, this story doesn’t have a happy ending.

About a minute into the conversation, the woman asked for my iPod serial number. I left my iPod at home, seeing as it didn’t WORK, so I told her I didn’t have it with me. I described the problem I was having to her, and asked what short-term solution she could offer, or anything that I could go home and try. She told me that she HAD to get my serial number to see if I qualified for customer support.

My question: If you don’t have my serial number, I don’t qualify for customer support? I can’t just call with a problem and ask for help?

Her answer: No, of course not. Do you want me to set up an appointment for you at the nearest Apple store?

Of COURSE I don’t want to. How easy is it to just walk into an Apple store and get one of the assistants to help me? OBVIOUSLY if I’m calling her, I want a short-term solution or advice that I can try out at home. I didn’t call just to be told that I should go to an Apple store. I called CUSTOMER SUPPORT (read: SUPPORT) to ask for advice. I kept asking her if there was anything I could try at home BEFORE running to the Apple store for help (I mean, it’s not exactly convenient), and to see if maybe I could fix it myself before wasting other people’s time if it turned out that I had a super easy problem to solve.

No such luck. It turned out all she could do was set up an appointment for me, which you don’t even need. All you have to do is walk in the store and ask one of the million assistants for help. Eventually, I cracked and yelled at her and hung up. I know it might have been rude, but really. I didn’t wait that long just to hear that. I called for SOME advice. She couldn’t even offer me the most BASIC of the advice that’s offered on the internet. All she did was direct me to the Apple store website. HONESTLY, like I didn’t TRY that. “Hmm, my iPod is broken. Where should I go for help on the internet? Well, OBVIOUSLY NOT the APPLE STORE, the place you BUY IPODS.”  Now that I think about it, it’s pretty insulting for her to assume that I’m THAT stupid.

I feel so lost without my iPod – it’s ridiculous, but I do. I’m sitting here in study hall with no music to listen to, just the sound of me typing. It’s depressing. I can’t remember what I listened to before I had my iPod.

But seriously, Apple – if it turns out that I fix my iPod on my own, then really, screw you. If your “specialists” can’t even solve a problem that I can solve, you should really rethink the quality of your customer service. Are people ACTUALLY being paid for this? How does it make sense that I know more than your specialists? Unless this is all a stupid ploy to get me to buy another iPod – which is not happening, after all the trouble I’ve gone through with this one.

So anyway, don’t give in to Apple’s stupid campaign and buy a stupid iPod. They come out with new ones every year and expect people to just ditch their one-year old models and rush out to get new ones. Actually, I suppose the sad fact lies in that people DO rush out and buy new models. People rush out, wait in lines for hours and hours, just to get their hands on those stupid iPhones that crash and freeze and have horrible service. Really? Is it really worth it? They don’t look that great. Okay, so they have apps. Big deal. Is a T-Pain Autovoice app really necessary? Since when did an iPod stop being the medium of music and start being the important part? I depend on my iPod because I depend on my music, not the other way around. Seeing as Apple’s taken away my music from me, I feel like I have nothing. Sure, I can get another mp3 player, but that’s another $200 down the drain.

Whatever. I’ve learned my lesson, and I hope all of you have too. Cheers.


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