Unknown Celebrities (part 1)

There are plenty of relatively unknown, GORGEOUS celebrities that I feel deserve to be known to the world. This is their official “coming out” (not in the homosexual way, even though there’s nothing wrong with being homosexual), so expect them to be big (again, not in a sexual way) very soon!

The first celebrity I plan on discussing is: Jake Sandvig. Unlike a lot of other celebrities I find attractive, he is relatively young at only 24 years old. I first came across him while watching Ruby & the Rockits on ABC family – yes, that ten-episode show featuring Alexa Vega and David Cassidy that was cancelled after the first season where he played Nils, the rocker that Ruby had a crush on who was eventually revealed to be gay.

Jake Sandvig was also in Easy A, Fired Up!, and Sky High. His upcoming projects include A Bag of Hammers, a movie that he co-wrote himself. His acting credentials are a lot more extensive than I had initially thought – I’ll admit that I was most impressed by the Sky High listing. Anyway, A Bag of Hammers isn’t just one of those faux-artsy attempts; it boasts an impressive working cast, including Rebecca Hall (from The Town and Vicky Christina Barcelona), Amanda Seyfried, and Jason Ritter.

The thing I like most about Jake Sandvig is his infectious smile. He reminds of me of the dorky guy you grew up with as a child, and who suddenly sprouted to 6’3″ and became a total hottie the summer before junior year but still stayed a total dork inside. This is beginning to sound like a Meg Cabot novel (Michael Moscovitz, anyone?) but it’s true.

Pictures of Jake Sandvig follow:


I’ll think about who to feature next week, but it’ll definitely be good. Cheers.


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