Johannes Huebl

I’ve noticed that a lot of people are interested in knowing more about Johannes Huebl, or who Olivia Palermo’s boyfriend is. I don’t remember exactly when I stumbled across Johannes, but once I did, I couldn’t forget him- even if he is already dating someone.

 Huebl is a German model; he and Olivia recently did ads for Mango as a couple. Palermo said “We enjoy working together, and I think photographers love to see the chemistry”. In their interview with Elle, Olivia said “I think that we grow together. I think that I’m constantly learning, and we’re both eager to learn about not only each other, but our interests.” Johannes added, “I agree, I learn much more about her world, and I try to sneak her into what I did before, and where I come from… I think we have a very conservative, old romantic, private approach to our love.”

 In regard to Olivia’s image on The City, Johannes says “She is completely different than she’s been portrayed on her job, everyone who meets her — especially with me — is surprised about her happiness, and her friendliness and smiles.”

 When asked what Olivia likes Johannes to wear, she said “He can wear a garbage bag and he looks fantastic. He wears absolutely everything well.” From the pictures, I absolutely agree.

 Olivia Palermo, one of the stars on the reality show The City, has been dating Huebl since 2008; they were introduced by Daniel Benedict. Even though they’ve been dating for a while, Huebl will not appear on The City. Olivia has stated “He is not on ‘The City’, he’ll never be on ‘They City’. It will never be on. My producers can’t go anywhere near him. It’s in my contract. They can’t.” While we (unfortunately) won’t be seeing him on reality TV, one can view videos of him in:

  • 2007 youtube video “The Manny” with Tinsley Mortimer and Jennifer Creel
  • Olivia and Johannes for Mango
  • Elle TV Modern Love: The City’s Olivia Palermo and Model Johannes Huebl

Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl for Mango

I’ve included the only interview with Johannes Huebl that I could find, with a link to the blog What He Wears: 

What He Wears has an exclusive Style Q & A with the strikingly handsome and well-dressed model Johannes Huebl. You may have noticed his face in campaigns for Saks 5th Avenue, Cole Haan and fragrances like U by Ungaro. In this interview Johannes expresses his pet peeves, what every man should have in his closet and what works best when all else fails.

 Can you name four things you cannot live without when you travel.

My Tumi weekend bag, a cashmere scarf for the plane, my iPod and Bose Headphones and my Mac. 

What are some of your favorite places to shop when you are in New York? Europe?

I like Barneys when I’m in NY, they have a great assortment of basically everything a wardrobe needs. But I do get most clothes in London and Paris. Suits and shoes come from London, my favorite shirts I buy in a Paris shop, where they have my measurements now and I can even email them and they send them over. 

 When all else fails what is the go-to-piece in your closet?

I have not been in the situation that all else has failed and I do not really take my dressing all too serious, but I guess any of my suits, good shoes, belt and a watch carries you anywhere and I haven’t felt overdressed in a suit yet.

 In your opinion, what is the one thing a man should own in his closet?

A good suit.

 How would you describe your personal style?

Modern elegant, almost no addiction to trends, polished look.

 Can you name someone famous or not whose style you admire?

My girlfriend’s (Olivia Palermo) style is pretty good. She has an incredible eye and sense for fashion (women’s only though.)

 Style is not solely about what you wear but manners as well and how one carries him or herself. What are some bad habits you find irksome? A text-a-holic is one of mine.

Attention disorders and the lack of focusing are habits I find difficult to deal with. Blackberry’s on the dinner table as well and how about not putting makeup on while you are enjoying your company? I like the idea of the classical definition of a gentleman and I have a little patience for ignorant, rude and intolerant people. 

 Are there any trends in menswear you wish would just go away?

Summer scarves and plaid shirts.

 What are you coveting this Spring/Summer 09?

My summer vacation and in fashion: My tan suit.

 What was your latest purchase?

A Corneliani suit that I bought in Paris.

But I do wear other clothes that suits J

I love my Prada jeans. I have a great selection of shirts that I almost wear every day and my favorite leather bomber jacket that I would probably wear every day

if possible!

 Johannes Huebl is represented by the UK modeling agency Models 1. He has modeled for Boss, Hogan, and J Brand. For those interested in stats, he has blue eyes and brown hair (obvious from the pictures) and wears a shoe size 45 UK. His chest and waist measurements can be found on the Models 1 UK website, which also includes amazing photos, for anyone interested.


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