Alex Pettyfer

I’ve been a huge fan of Alex Pettyfer ever since I saw the movie Stormbreaker in 2006. Since then, I’ve only seen him in Wild Child, the movie starring Emma Roberts. This year, I look forward to Beastly, with Vanessa Hudgens, which was filmed quite a while ago, and I Am Number Four. Alex was offered the role of Eragon in the movie Eragon, but he turned the role down. Apart from film, Alex Pettyfer has also modeled for Burberry, Ralph Lauren, and Gap.

Alex and model Lily Donaldson


Alex was born in April 1990 and attended Shiplake College in England. He has five tattoos: a Celtic cross on his chest, Arabic script on his arm, Kanji script on his waist, “What Goes Around Comes Around” on his shoulder, and the initials “ER” on his wrist.

 The initials ER bring us to his dating life. Alex Pettyfer met Emma Roberts during the filming of Wild Child and they dated briefly, but broke up with her before the movie premiered. The initials ER obviously stand for Emma Roberts.

 Alex was most currently dating Dianna Agron (from Glee); they met during the filming of the movie I Am Number Four, which has yet to be released.

 While I don’t believe they dated, Alex Pettyfer is also friends with Camilla Belle, one of my favorite actresses. It was also rumored that he met Emma Watson at a party in England. I was hoping they would date, because they are both British, have modeled for Burberry, and would look great together.



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2 Responses to Alex Pettyfer

  1. Taylor says:

    Is Alex Pettyfer going out with emma roberts
    on Wild Child 🙂

    • urbanfancies says:

      Not anymore! They broke up before the movie even came out, which made it awkward during press conferences. Alex Pettyfer is dating Dianna Agron (from Glee) now and there were recently engagement rumors circulating. Hope they aren’t true 🙂

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