20 Most Beautiful Women (Part 1)

I’ve excluded models from  this list, because I would have put way too many Victoria’s Secret models on the list as well, and that is for a separate post. 

  1. Camilla Belle: Even though I’ve only seen two of her movies, 1000 B.C. and When a Stranger Calls, Camilla Belle is probably my favorite actress at the moment. Camilla Belle is another example of how Brazilian women are all gorgeous. I like her because she’s a more unconventional looking beauty, and I fully support her, despite Taylor Swift’s song. I’m looking forward to her new movie From Prada to Nada, and I’m currently looking for her movie Push.


2. Cheryl Cole: Cheryl Cole is the most stunning woman I have ever seen; I don’t think she could ever take a bad photograph. Her dimples are simply amazing and I just love everything about her. Hopefully, she comes to the US and becomes as popular in the US as she is in Britain.

3. Sophia Bush: Sophia Bush’s character Brooke is one of the reasons I watched One Tree Hill. I’ve also seen Sophia Bush in The Hitcher, one of my favorite horror movies, and John Tucker Must Die (another favorite). Like Cheryl, Sophia also has dimples and looks both sweet and gorgeous at once.

4. Jessica Alba: Like most people, I agree that Jessica Alba is beautiful. I like how she isn’t the typical blond haired/blue eyed celebrity, and she is another person who can never look bad.

5. Kate Beckingsale: Not only is Kate Beckingsale smart (she went to Oxford), but she is also beautiful. I’ve watched all the Underworld Movies and I loved her in Click.

6. Emma Watson: Another smart celebrity, Emma Watson (and her brother Alex Watson) is almost too perfect. She has just about everything: a great career, looks, education and has modeled for Burberry.

7. Barbie Hsu: Barbie isn’t an American celebrity, but she is huge in Asia. She was engaged to Blue Lan (see 20 hottest men), but now she’s married to someone else.

8. Emmy Rossum: The Phantom of the Opera is one of my favorite movies and I have her CD. I only thing I disapprove of is her former relationship with someone double her age. I also wish she would do more movies.

9. Freida Pinto: Where has she gone? I don’t believe I’ve seen her after Slumdog Millionaire and I would love to see her!  

10. Olivia Hussey: Olivia Hussey at age 15 in Romeo and Juliet was really pretty. Actually, she still is beautiful and her daughter, India Eisley (Secret Life), looks just like her.

Check back tomorrow for Part 2!


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