Although this blog may look like a cooking/baking blog, it’s not. We just like pictures of delicious foods. This blog will be periodically updated by the both of us (Sophie and Stephanie), and we plan to come out with weekly lists regarding hot topics (or just things that we like).

Since all of this is real life, we will refer to our friends by the first initial of their first names for privacy purposes (and also so if they ever come across this, they won’t know who we’re referring to).

We’ll be writing the blog regularly in side-by-side posts – which means that there will be two columns, so don’t get confused. It should be easy enough to figure out. Contrary to what the media wants us to think, the public isn’t that stupid.

We’ll be talking about celebrities, fashion, food, and other random adventures we are fortunate enough to have. There will also be lots of pictures, because everybody loves pictures. This is something that we are sure of.

Happy reading!
Sophie & Stephanie


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